Obito’s Death! Gravity Dimension – Naruto Shippuden 471

Naruto Shippuden 471 see’s the return of Sasuke to Naruto as Kaguya is now forced to use the full extent of her powers in order to target both Naruto and Sasuke, she even goes as far as to put them into a high-gravity dimension where she uses her advantage to throw her bone ash’s which gets a hit onto Obito which now means he’ll die.

Naruto Shippuden 471 begins as Hagoromo talks to the other Hokage’s about the fact that he requires their help in order to do something he needs to. We see Obito on his last legs here, he falls to the ground, he begins to fade away as he remembers Rin’s face. We return back to the past to see his journey along with Rin and Kakashi.

Obito tells Obito that she must follow and take care of him, he also joins the school, fights against Kakashi. He also mentions that he’s going to surpass Kakashi but is unable to do so as Kakashi is quite strong. Obito even trains hard but it doesn’t work. They even go through the chunin exams, even past the Team 7 stages. Obito even see’s a dead Rin in his memory.

He quickly returns to Sasuke and Sakura, he asks them to give him their chakra to come back. Kaguya  tries to attack the Naruto with the balls. Kakashi is also unable to do anything at this point, but Naruto tries to get back his courage and bring it up. Obito, Sasuke and Sakura all return. We see Kaguya attack the Naruto with the balls and kill him, but it turns out to be another clone.

Naruto and Sasuke return, Zetsu tells Kaguya not to waste time and use their full power. She changes the dimension to one with high gravity where the animation, design is all strange and very low quality. Even Kaguya herself is affected here. She launches her bone ash but misses, the second time, both Kakashi and Obito try to get in between it.

They are unable to due to the gravity, but Rin shows up and pulls them into place. It seems that she was there all along. The bone ash gets to them, but Obito uses his Kamui to remove it from Kakashi’s front, however he himself is hit by the attack. Obito’s death begins here. Kakashi is told by Obito to live a little longer. Naruto Shippuden 471 ends here.

A pretty good episode, seems like Naruto Shippuden is getting better with each episode, and with canon for future episodes, it seems like we’ll be enjoying some more fighting, as well as next episode, Naruto Shippuden 472, titled “You Better…”, where we’ll see Obito’s death along with Naruto and Sasuke fight back against Kaguya.

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