Ikusatsunagi Appears! Arlock Defeated – Fairy Tail 433

Fairy Tail 433 see’s Arlock getting bashed down by the strong Natsu, when he realises he’s defeated he goes ahead to summon one of 18 War Gods from Yakuma. Natsu realises that what Arlock has done is nothing but them sacrificing to bring Zeref to them. Natsu is so pissed that he seems like he’s going to kick Ikusatsunagi’s ass.

Fairy Tail 433 see’s Natsu facing Arlock who seems to have some abilities of holding out against Natsu however after he gets closer, Natsu smashes Arlocks head in and smacks him down to the ground. Out of nowhere, Arlock chants some words and calls forth Ikusatsunagi which surprisingly calls forth a large monster described to be something so evil and bad.

It’s feet appears, and as it does so it crushes the large number of people on the ground. This is described as Operation Purification. The hole body appears, across from it we see Natsu who is damned and pissed off with everything that’s happening.

A fantastic chapter, and a great build up to the next Fairy Tail 434, titled “Demolition Fist”, when we see both Natsu and the monster that has just appear battle it out as Natsu shows his true rage to literally delete one of the God of Wars that’s in the battlefield.


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