Ikusatsunagi Destroyed! Natsu’s Strength – Fairy Tail 434

Fairy Tail 434 see’s the destruction of the God War Ikusatsunagi as we see Natsu climb on top of the body of Ikusatsunagi to get to his head and quickly and swiftly destroy it with all of his mighty strength. Everyone believes in Natsu as he climbs on top of it. Furthermore, Arlock is surprised as ever to see Natsu destroy his summoning.

Fairy Tail 434 see’s the beast, Ikusatsunagi, against the Natsu. He smashes his large sword onto the ground where it destroys and kills a number of different people. However, Natsu climbs on top of the sword and quickly heads towards the body of the monster. Natsu talks about how he thinks of his friends as family and takes them into account.

He heads towards the head and just busts his power down by using his power to smack the head of the beast. Natsu then powers up once more to mention that he’ll continue to get stronger, then unleashes his Demolition Fist of the Flame Dragon King which splits the beast in literally half. Arlock is shocked while Erza is happy that he’s grown stronger.

A fantastic chapter, literally seeing Natsu’s work and dedication to his power that he’s worked over the year has been shown here. It’s great to see it, plus Gray might have to catch up with his training. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 435, titled “Victory Shout”, we might get another two chapters next week too.

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  1. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    I wonder about the important announcement written on the last page of ch 434.Will zeref going to make his return?


  2. rise

    I am curious about something, if I remember correctly, during the battle between erza, kagura, and minerva,mavis said that minerva was using one of yakuma spell of the 18 gods of battle.
    so maybe something with that might come up


  3. mabritish

    im very dissapointed truly speaking. why do you introduce a god and a war god for that matter, so natsu can one shot him. power scale in fairytale is all over the place. this is too much for me guys to swallow, i mean that huge god of war was one shotted like that, what a weak pussy god. that thing is even bigger than madara’s perfect susanoo, which the 5 hokage couldnt even scratch. aah well will see


    1. Randomite Tandomite

      “that thing is even bigger than madara’s perfect susanoo, which the 5 hokage couldnt even scratch. aah well will see”

      I wouldn’t say bigger necessarily it appears to be similar size.

      Regardless, while the War god has similar slashing strength, it’s durability seems to suck in comparison to Madara’s Perfect Susanoo which took several thousand mountain sized hands from Sage Hashirama to even dent.

      So yes like you said the war god sucks.


  4. Matthew Hefley

    Shouldn’t a god be only killed by a god slayer or is Ikusatsunagi not dead and only regaining his power/body like lucy’s spirits? Because if a dragon slayer killed a god than any type of slayer can kill any of the three races
    (Dragon, god, Devil/ Demon)?


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