Hollow and Shinigami – Grimmjow and Sui Feng

Grimmjow is a hollow, I’m unsure to if he’s alive or passed away during his battle against Ichigo, even if some evidence points to his come back. Sui Feng is a hardcore Shinigami, being a captain and part of a special force she is an able captain with the knowledge given to her by Yoruichi. Here we see both Grimmjow and Soi fon/Sui Feng with a possible partner.

Grimmjow and Soi Feng Love by ymymy

I think that these two would look pretty awesome together, on top of which I believe that this art work was done by ymymy who posted it on their account. So what are your opinions on this couple. Go ahead and comment down below.

There are 4 comments

        1. Nick Dunn

          I guess it would. I have seen it before. I don’t mind it really. I actually ship Sui-Feng with either Yoruichi or Kisuke. Even Byakuya. I ship Grimmjow with only like two people, Ichigo and maybe Neliel.


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