Watch Baby Steps (Anime)

I’m here with another sports anime, after watching Kuroku’s Basket, Haikyuu and many others, I’ve seemed to become hooked on sports-based anime. I’ve only just began Baby Steps, but it seems that it has the spark which these other popular sports animes have. We follow a straight A student called Eiichiro Maruo who joins the tennis club to be more active.Baby Steps Anime Poster

Eiichiro doesn’t quite have the physical strength for the sport, however he uses his studious nature to develop a strategic approach to play tennis, he takes notes in order to work around the opponent’s weak points. I really like it and would like to catch up as soon as I can. If you’d like to begin watching it go ahead by clicking the link below:

Watch Baby Steps (Eng Sub)

If you already watch the show go ahead and comment down below telling me how you feel about it, I’d like to hear someone’s opinion on the anime. Also, watching this show makes me want to play tennis, for real!

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    1. dreager1

      Prince of Tennis was amazing for me and it’s still the definitive sport series in my mind. I wish they would continue adapting the sequel series already since they’re falling behind. This is definitely a title that I’m interested in seeing as well, but just haven’t had time too yet

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  1. dreager1

    Great pick Sunlite and I dare say that this is the best title that you’ve picked up since Bleach/Naruto. (I’m not sure which one you picked up first to be honest….) Saying that this one probably beats Sword Art Online is pretty bold, but from what I’ve seen, it probably has what it takes. This is definitely a series that I’ll be checking out at some point and I’m looking forward to seeing what Prince of Tennis’ rival can do.


    1. Sunite

      I actually also started Ace of Diamonds, i took a little break from it to find another one. Baby Steps is a great name for this show lol, I just google Prince of Tennis, that seems really good too. Every time I watch Baby Steps I feel like going out, getting a racket, some tennis balls and learning how to play Tennis, for real! I actually began with Naruto, I didn’t realise what anime was at the time, I was too young lol. I had also started Bleach, but that was also when I was a kid, I got too scared of the Hollows which made me stop a few eps in lol. Restarted and realised it’s not scary at all hah.


      1. dreager1

        I used to have a lot of fun playing tennis back when I was a kid. We had a tennis court just a block or two from home inside of a park so I would head there every week. I even entered a few tournaments back in the day although I was typically knocked out very early. Now, I just play tennis in video games 😉

        Cool, I also started Naruto before Bleach. My very first anime was either Megaman NT Warrior or Pokemon though. Naruto was definitely my first Shonen Jump title though and while I read Bleach for quite a while, I didn’t actually start the show until the series was well into the Hueco Mundo arc. I actually stopped on the first episode the first time as I was a little surprised at the violence. Compared to that, Naruto had seemed rather tame. Now, it’s more all rightish and the one that I back away from is AOT. >_< Hopefully they bring back Bleach soon although I guess they want to wait until the manga is ending. I just want to see these battles animated already!

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          1. dreager1

            Was that before or after he changed it though? I know that there was a lot of controversy because the author mentioned that he switched the original ending because of how popular the series got. Supposedly, it was a really morbid ending while the new one seems to be leading towards a much happier conclusion. Are you reading the manga or just checking out the show version? If the latter, then avoiding the spoilers must be very tough!


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