Cosplay Monday: Rukia Kuchiki’s Valentine Day

Valentine Day quickly approaches, with Rukia Kuchiki she spends her time with her loving teddy bears. We know that Rukia has a big thing for teddies during the Fullbring Arc. Rukia seems to also be having a good time as she enjoys the valentine period as seen in the cosplay images.

Do you like this awesome cosplay of Kuchiki Rukia? If so go ahead and check out HatNClogsProductions as she has a ton of awesome and really cool cosplay based on many different animes. Also be sure to share the page and comment below telling us how you’ll be spending your valentine’s day.

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  1. Hat'N'Clogs Cosplay

    Hi! This is my, Hat’N’Clogs, I didn’t even know this was post but thank you sooooo much, I didn’t even know this was posted because I have went though a pretty long haitus and delete most of my resources, but again thank you so much! And I’m very glad you like my cosplays!


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