Asuka’s Snowglobe! Baking A Cake – Fairy Tail 219

Fairy Tail 219 is an interesting episode as we follow Asuka who goes on an adventure with Natsu, Happy and Lucy to get some money to buy a memorable snowglobe lacrima for her parents. While at the same time, Erza goes on a journey with Lily to find the sweetest strawberry to bake a cake for Asuka.

Fairy Tail 219 begins as Asuka wakes up to find something missing in her life. She goes to the guild with Alzack and Bisca as they go to a job. Natsu buys her some juice as he’s going to take care of her for the day. Asuka wants some cake but there isn’t any left, Wendy mentions that she’d like to make it instead.

Erza joins in and helps to find the sweetest strawberry for the cake, she and Lily will go ahead to find the strawberry. Natsu and Asuka play a game, the winner will get to make the other do anything. Asuka wins and first Natsu is made to got on all fours and go like a horse.

They decide to go to the park as they go and play here and there. Asuka decides that she’d like to buy something and thus would like to go on a few jobs with the help of Natsu and others. They go on ahead to do some easy jobs. Aquarius helps out to be a fountain, Natsu helps with heating and Happy helps delivering.

Erza and Lily fight against monsters which are attracted by strawberries to which they both beat all of them up to find where they keep their best strawberries. Asuka earns money and goes to the pawn shop to get a lacrima snowglobe that reminds them off her parents.

She asks for Natsu to kiss Lucy, however she replaces herself with Happy. Out of nowhere, we see sky pirates steal the lacrima. Erza and Lily find the strawberry she’s looking for. Natsu and Asuka go on ahead as Natsu destroys their machine giving Asuka the credit, they return the globe back.

Wendy and Erza have prepared the cake for Asuka, as she eats it she finds it delicious. Bisca and Alzack return as she gives them the globe she got from the shop. They return home thanking Natsu and the others for taking care of her. Alzack and Bisca discuss that they had to previous sell the globe to pay for her medicine. Fairy Tail 219 ends here.

A good episode, however next week we’ll face Juvia and Gray’s relationship as it seems like we’ll have a valentine episode. Juvia thinks that she isn’t loved however it really is that Gray does like her. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 220, titled “413 Days”.

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