Fairy Tail’s Revival! Finding Members – Fairy Tail 419

Fairy Tail 419 see’s Natsu’s determination as he raises hell to get the message about the revival of Fairy Tail as they both go ahead to find members of the guild. Natsu got into some trouble after melting the stadium and causing a fire to the King’s castle. Natsu, Lucy and Happy begin a new journey to get all members of Fairy Tail back together.

Fairy Tail 419 begins as the King is told about Natsu’s crimes however the king lets him off after what he had done to save them all. Lucy is waiting for him, he asks if she came all her herself when she mentions that he doesn’t know. Natsu and Happy are unhappy that Fairy Tail broke up.

He asks why they broke up, it seems that they can’t find Makarov anywhere. Natsu is angry, he’s going to pull all of his hair our for doing this. It seems that Gray, Erza and the others have also gone their own way. Natsu talks about how Laxus could have done something to keep them together.

Lucy begins to complain a little that Natsu had left without even saying anything to the guild, he didn’t even discuss it with anyone, he just went on his journey. They go on ahead to her house, she says that they can stay there but not to go into her room. They take a shower, he gets a hair cut and goes for a shower.

Natsu gets up to draw on Lucy’s face when he notices a large board in her room, he quickly notices that Lucy’s been trying to keep track of everyone in the guild. The next day Lucy wakes up to have soldiers in front of her house. Natsu wakes up asking if they already found out.

He quickly runs and rushes out from that building while the others soldiers chase after them. Lucy is shocked that he had already gotten into problems in such a short time. Natsu says that he has raised the beacon for Fairy Tail’s revival! He wrote Fairy Tail on the palace where it kept on burning for a long time, even Jason is happy to see Fairy Tail back in action.

The King has forgiven them, the flames will take some time to disappear. Natsu says that if they believe they can revive Fairy Tail, they’re going to gather everyone up and bring back the guild. Natsu and Lucy run off with Happy as they go on ahead to begin a new journey! Fairy Tail 419 ends here.

A good chapter, it seems that Fairy Tail is quickly going to reform, possibly with Laxus as the master or Makarov will come back somehow. I wonder what the others are doing. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 420, titled “Lamia Scale Thanksgiving”.

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  1. khukhup

    I cant believe the fact that natsu is zeref strongest. creation who will as he love his guilt member and could not let others his friend it hard to believe isn’t,it fairly tail just keep getting better n better. keep on writing it


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