Watch Trinity Seven (Anime)

Following Arata Kasuga, a boy tagged the Demon Candidate, created a mysterious “Collapse Phenomenon” which somehow engulfed his dimension and lost his cousin, Hijiri, in another dimension. To understand this Collapse Phenomenon, Arata joins the Biblia Academy to learn from the Trinity Seven. He follows his journey with seven other girls in order to learn more about his magic.

Trinity Seven

Be warned that this anime does contain moments where they could be considered “ecchi”, some adult-ish moments yet they’re quite funny. If you are off age and could handle such an anime then go for it. It’s a pretty funny anime if you consider it. On top of that the story and likability aren’t that bad either. So if you’d like to watch it, go ahead:

Watch Trinity Seven (English Sub)

As the last post of 2014, I guess I wanted to suggest an anime that aren’t like the ones I previously suggested, hopefully this will be different enough, plus it’s getting quite popular, it has lots of fans. If you are one, be sure to comment down telling me what you like about the show.


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