Watch Akame ga Kill (Anime)

Akame ga Kill follows the journey of fighter Tatsumi who sets out to the capital city to earn money for his starving village, getting there he finds an unimaginable world full of corruption spreading to the Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor. After nearly becoming a victim, he is recruited by Night Raid who are a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the city by killing those responsible.

Akame ga Kill Night Raid Members

Be warned that this anime does contain a lot of violence, spanning from lots of killing to images kids should not see. If you are of age, then I’d recommend this anime to you. Personally, I really like how the anime balances the characters, if your weak then your going to die. If you would like to watch it just follow the link below:

Watch Akame ga Kill (SUB END)

If you already watch the anime, go ahead and tell me what your opinions are on the show. It would be pretty good to hear your opinions so we could have a little chat on the anime. If you like it, be sure to share this page with other fans.

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  1. dreager1

    Not this show…nooooooo!

    Well, in truth I don’t really know almost anything about this title. What I have heard has been pretty negative though. It’s supposed to be incredibly violent right? I may be mixing it up with that recent show that was ultra violent and fanservicey though so then that wouldn’t count. The animation definitely looks sharp though.


    1. Sunite

      Hahah it think it might be a hit or miss show. Some may like it while others, not so much. I really like the weapons in the show, they’re supposed to be these OP thinks that can do a lot of damage.
      Hmm there are some parts which have a little fan service, and definitely violent. Might you be thinking of Trinity Seven? – that was lots of fan service.


      1. dreager1

        Found it! It was actually Kill La Kill that I was mixing it up with. The animation on the screenshot that you posted should have been the giveaway. In that case, I really don’t know just about anything in regards to this show. Well, it sounds like fun and I’m all for action as long as it’s not tooooooo violent. (Attack on Titan went a little too far imo. Bleach/Naruto is just right for me)


          1. dreager1

            I just can’t get past the fanservice D: It’s why I haven’t checked out Fairy Tail yet. To an extent, I can try to just ignore it if the plot and fights are good enough like Medaka Box, but it just seems a little over the top in that show. I’ve heard that you just start to not notice it by the end of the show, but I’m not sure if that would happen for me. It’s why I really disliked FLCL. (Other reasons apply there as well though)

            Aside from that, the show always looked interesting. It’s supposed to have a lot of good fights, good animation, and solid characters


    2. FiftyTail

      I do agree from the beginning cause its a tad slow but hearing a lot of negative feed back about this anime but didn’t know why. It might because of the lack of character develop of something else, but even tho with lack so development (Spoiler) when one of the more important characters died I still felt sorry/sad for that character. I also think it has a fairly solid plot and a anti-government/conspiracy approach and telling us “who is the real bad guys” and again that’s just my opinion and I not disagree with you.


      1. dreager1

        I found out that I was actually mixing this show up with Kill La Kill. I guess I just saw the Akame Ga part and thought that it was simply untranslated. Well, the government conspiracy plot sounds fun since it worked pretty well in Serial Experiments Lain. I tend to enjoy the government a lot and wish that it would appear more. I think Guilty Crown probably did the best job of showing them, although they went a little too far in making sure that you know that the government is evil.


  2. 0205marky

    This show is quite amazing, in a good way and bad way. I mean, you have allot of good characters, ( Spoilers) but allot of them die. You have some characters that have awesome imperial arms, and some not. And by Awesome Imperial arms, I mean like Susanoo’s weapon, ( OP much)? But through out this show, its pretty good.


  3. Al

    I personally love the show it is pretty violent a lot of blood a lot of guts. is a normal harem action packed anime. which really should be considered of being watched trust me if you decide not to watch it you will regret it


  4. mostscents

    This is show is so bloody and brutal. The violence is top notch, not to mention that some characters you may start to love will gonna die – gruesomely. But all those things make the show interesting and fun! Hahahahaha. I just started watching the series a week ago and now I’m hooked.


  5. Obito

    Too bad episode 20+ will be all filler -_- I suggest you start reading from chapter 39+ because they changed alot of things on episode 19…
    Anyway its a really good show 🙂


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