Naruto’s Kishimoto Talks About Manga Ending

Naruto has ended, Naruto Uzumaki’s story has been told to its completion by Masashi Kishimoto over the 15 years. With the series having ended, Kishimoto steps in to answers some questions, share his feelings on everything that is Naruto. Read on to see some of his own personal images of the last chapter.

Before we begin I’d like to also mention that Naruto Part 1, consisting of Naruto as a young boy, with Naruto Part 2 being the next generation, where he fights all kinds of enemies and being dubbed Shippuden in the anime. Naruto has not ended, Naruto Part 3 will be a mini-series with focus on the next generation which will be released Spring 2015 in Japan. The official name for the series has yet to be announced, keep an eye out for that.

Q: What are you feeling now?
Kishimoto: Because I just completed the last episode less than 12 hours ago, I do not have any real feeling (that “Naruto” has ended). I have had to meet a deadline every week for 15 years, so I feel that there’s a deadline for next week. I thought of many things to do after (“Naruto”) ends, but I do not know where to begin. I want to do something other than manga. Don’t worry, I will continue creating manga.

Q: When did you decide how to end “Naruto”?
Kishimoto: Since the work was first serialized, I have been determined to end the manga series with the battle between protagonist Naruto and Sasuke, who has been his rival since the start of the story. I later decided on the details, little by little, such as whether they would fight each other as friends or enemies, their feelings and dialogues, while I was drawing the series. Around two years ago, I began to feel the story was approaching the finale.

When the series started, the editor responsible for my work told me, “Continue the series for at least five years.” The tough work of continuing to draw “Naruto” for the weekly magazine occasionally made me think that I would like to finish the series. I did not think “Naruto” would last for 15 years.

The story lasted for such a long period because the characters “stuck it out.” When I attempted to quickly offer an answer (to issues raised in the story), the characters did not allow me to do so. If I had made them act as I wished, the reality would have been lost.

Because manga artists are always working inside rooms, it is difficult for us to see firsthand if our works are really popular. It was not until I received many fan letters from overseas that I realized (“Naruto” is) popular outside Japan. Some of those letters are written in languages I do not know, so I understand that my work is read by people in various countries.

One fan mail contained a photograph of a small child dressed as Naruto striking a pose. Such attachments make me happy.

Q: Were you conscious of “One Piece”?
Kishimoto: It is impossible to be unconscious. (Both “Naruto” and “One Piece”) are serialized in the same magazine, and “One Piece” has always been running ahead of the pack. I have been able to work so hard writing “Naruto” thanks to “One Piece.”

Q: You will turn 40 years old on Nov. 8. How do you feel about that?
Kishimoto: I remain a child in terms of mentality. Nothing has changed from age 25, when the series started. I just worked at the desk to create high-quality, interesting manga, and 15 years passed before I knew it.

Q: What would you want to tell your old self?
Kishimoto: I hope to tell my 23- or 24-year-old self, who painted Naruto and other characters on copy paper just as I wanted on the veranda of my family’s home: “Cherish him. You will write a serial manga for 15 years using the character.”

Q: On The Last: Naruto the Movie…
Kishimoto: The latest film is a love story. It will depict what happened between the 699th and 700th manga episodes. I designed the characters and helped make the story. Although I wanted to write about the romances of Naruto and his friends in the manga series, it was too difficult. I am not good at writing romances because I feel embarrassed when trying to do so.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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  1. FiftyTail

    wow amazing, would had like to see the movie universe of “Naruto” to tell a different story, kind of like a alternate universe of timeline just something telling a different story of what could had happen instead. Yes it would be similar to what DC and Marval is doing with the multiple Earths and things like that but didn’t Masashi Kishimoto or someone said that the movies are in the same universe away from the actual Manga/Anime, so it would had been nice to see a alternate ending. Like Naruto&Sasuke dying (didn’t really want that to happen but would be interesting) or one dying or Naruto end up with Sakura and Saskue just leaves to explore the world or something different. I just want to say that this is just my opinion and what I would had like to had seen. I love the way Naruto ended and it is and will always be my favorite anime, I was just thinking the movies (being in a different timeline/universe) could had have a “What if” factor that could had pleased some fans that were displease with the series ending itself. Yes I am talking about the Narusaku fans and the other relationships choices. Sorry for the long rant or comment, I just want to state my opinion


  2. please kishimoto

    KISHIMOTO listen if i knew Japanese well i would have told it in the language u would have understand , but deal with english cause i am going to tell u about how some of your fans as well as how i feel towards your show SO PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING.
    first of all i think your show really deserves to be the top and it’s a really nice show and i can see how much effort you put into making such an amazing show and i like everything about it except…. except …. someone or something or some annoying ugly irresistible useless mother fucking shit head named SAKURA HARUNO! what i mean what were you thinking in making the annoying sakura the female lead in your fantastic show i love the anime of naruto and sasuke and many more characters as well as the plot but… i had few suffering moments that obviously include SAKURA HARUNO . in your last movie i LOVE that naruto ended up with hinata but when i saw you made sakura end up with sasuke it was like a how! how! how! why! why! why! did sasuke end up with sakura i was already unhappy about how you killed neji when you know that the majority of your fans wanted sakura dead and now you made her end up with sasuke i mean i will give you some credit cause you really know how to make your fans suffer, Mr. kishimoto i only ask one thing and i beg you please please please in the last movie don’t make sasuke end up with sakura please somehow change the way naruto ends. because it does not make sense how sasuke tried to kill sakura three times , and how sakura only loved sasuke because he looked cool, and how she is just a fan girl like INO, and it totally does not make sense of how sasuke even marries sakura considering the fact he thought she was annoying and because she was selfish and did not understand what he and naruto had been through, and unlike HINATA who really understood naruto and thought of him instead of herself and was ready to give her life to protect naruto SHE COULD DO ANYTHING FOR NARUTO because her love for naruto was not because of his appearance or because of how cool he was it was because he saved her he fought the bullies for her she had a reason for her love a real reason so she deserved to be with him as his wife. as for SAKURA what was the reason for her love towards sasuke , it was his appearance and the fact how cool he was she did not love sasuke for sasuke! if sasuke looked like naruto or gaara or some other character with the same past and personality sakura would never have fallen in love with sasuke it’s all about sasuke’s appearance , she does not even understand how sasuke feels or what he has been through, her love for him is not true so how Mr Kishimoto how can you make sakura sasuke’s wife!!! HOW??? and how can you make sasuke suddenly out of nowhere have feelings for her it does not make sense!!! so please please don’t make sakura be the wife of sasuke, she doesn’t have the right as well as feelings to become sasuke’s wife!!! so please for a character AS amazing sasuke give him someone as amazing and deserving as him!!! i hope you understand.
    Anyway i STOPPED watching your show FOR THIS REASON. And probably the above fan stopped watching you’re anime for this REASON as well. so please think about your fans and change the ending please.


  3. uihgdfs

    Naruto ending is complete garbage.
    Everything goes downhill after Pain is defeated. Akatsuki is gone, Sasuke has to travel around and hide, because he is a Nunekin. Everything is fine… Except the tiny fact, that there was this insignifican little troll guy, called Toobi… Which was obviouls an anagram for Obito… and as much as Toobi love to troll the others, Shitimoto loves trolling us, and decides, that suddenly, THIS guy is the main Villian of naruto, and 1000 times stronger then everything before him. Jutsus are now just plain magic instead of element based fighting techinques. Tailed beasts are basically like giant useless pokemon with NO purpose at all. In 5 minutes you get to know all the unknown beasts, and the episode even shoves them down your throat with a completely dumb song that is “in the style of” how kids in japan “might” learn the “alphabet”. Just like some dumb 4 year old kid learns the alphabet, we are now supposed to learn the NAMES of the tailed beasts… FOR WHAT? This is Dragonball all over again. There is only one name you need to know, Son Goku. But seriously, i don’t know any of their names, and in NO episode they were talking about someone, who i didn’t know. It’s not like they suddenly address them by names, or that they are suddenly important. I understand the significance of Naruto learning the names, but we didn’T have to watch his boring ninja lessons and study the stuff he studied, why NOW? Why THIS? It just boggles my mind, it’s like those crappy pokemon raps that came on every now and then between cartoons or something… The song is almost as retarded as the movie… Which i am not even going to touch…

    Let’s put LOTS of blood in the manga… oh and don’t forget to design the Villians FOR FREAKING THREE YEAR OLDS!!!
    Seriously, how retarded is this? BLOOD EVERYWHERE, but humor directed towards INFANTS…
    WHO in the world would think that a MECHANICAL NARUTO would be cool in ANY WAY???
    Just watch the first minute of the movie. It’s like… Wtf? Really? This is supposed to be an enemy? Ok, it’s facing naruto already, i knew it was a joke… Why does naruto not attack? You can CLEARLY see it absorbing something, even without the visible chackra, it’s freaking CHEWING… Just punch it already… STOP WALKING BACKWARDS, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT HAPPENED TO NARUTO? *close window*

    So sad how the movies have turned into pathetic jokes, while the main series is just so overpowered, with everyone suddenly having new magical abilities…
    Also all this… fact changing just makes no sense…
    First you need all tailed beasts, including the 9 Tailed to awaken the 10 Tailed.
    Suddenly even a fragment of the 9 Tailed is enough.
    If that is the case, WHY did you hunt and kill the Tailed beasts AT ALL? Their parts are all over the world. Even some shitty bandits had a part of the 9 Tailed EACH… You could have used those. What was the whole point of searching Naruto? Just find a random piece of Kyuubi, and end the freaking world… Of course after you meditated for 24 hours with 10 people… Oh no wait, that was also changed, Tailed beasts are now instantly absorbed, instead of having to wait about (200 / number of meditating people) hours. Would be hard to magically pull a super weapon out of your butt, if you had to obey the old rules.

    That’s one of the worst things… SO often, you get told that “only one can exist” or “only one can live” or something similar, and it NEVER hold up. Wasnt there like… a whole story arc, about the fact, that at the end, Naruto and Sasuke have to fight, and one of them has to die?
    Exact same thing with the 10 tailed beast… “There is obviously only 1 9 tailed beast” “The 10 tailed beast can form continents and shit like that!” “When the tailed beast gets extracted from you, you will die!”
    Welp, take a WILD guess if any of those facts hold up at the end… No, of course not.
    As long as you are not left to die alone in a freaking dessert, you are COMPLETELY FINE after having your beast removed.
    Naruto is not even in danger of dying, because suddenly, the 9 tailed beast is not needed anymore for the 10 tailed, a bit of fox shit from the 9 tailed, is enough to resurrect the 10 tailed.
    And it has NOWHERE enough strength to form ANYTHING on the planet. It kills a few people, and that’s it…
    “Creator of the world” didn’t even cause an earthquake or something… No mountains blown up, no continents split… Right now, in One Piece, there are stronger BACKGROUND characters than this piece of garbage.

    Some people just don’t know when to stop.
    Just as Bleach ended with Aizen. Naruto ended with Pain. The Story has been told, all characters we care about have a nicely wrapped up.. “life story”. There might be a FEW questions left here and there. And instead of stopping, and starting a new series, they need to milk the cow for another 2 seasons, throw 1000 more unanswered questions in, make completely dumb decissions, piss off their fanbase, and ruin any chance of ever making a new good series again.

    Funny how that guy is now also lying about how he already planned how Naruto ended like… YEARS ago.
    No you did not you fucking liar. You only turned Naruto into Harry Potter like… a Year ago… Before that it was about NINJAS, now they are all freaking WIZARDS…


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