Natsu and Gray vs Mard Geer! Jiemma Appears – Fairy Tail 408

Fairy Tail 408 see’s the battle of Natsu and Gray vs Mard Geer begin as Jiemma appears disturbing Sting and Rogue’s battle and thus allows for Mard Geer to develop into his Absolute Demon form. Natsu and Gray will have a hard time fighting against Mard Geer as he has the abilities of self-regeneration allowing him to heal himself really quickly.

Fairy Tail 408 begins as Mard is surprised to see Gray with such power, everyone around him is shocked at his power. Gray steps forward and quickly attacks Mard, on top of which he freezes the thorns that Mard launches at him. Gray mentions that he’s going to defeat him for the sake of his father. He attacks with his ice, then goes to use Ice Demon’s Zero Long Sword when we see a familiar man stop his attack.

Gray is pushed when this man is told that he’s punctual indeed, we see that this man is in fact Jiemma, the old Sabertooth master. Both Rogue and Sting are shocked that he volunteered to be made into a Demon to obtain this power. Jiemma has a power that far exceeds any of the others Demon Gates.

Natsu gets fired up and tells everyone not to give up, to which he goes on to face Jiemma and his attack, however he’s just blown away from the sheer force. Nevertheless Sting and Rogue both approach however they are caught and told that he’s been waiting to bury them. Their hears are banged when they fight on to try and defeat Jiemma.

Mard Geer stands as his wounds are healing, he also mentions that they shouldn’t be boasting as he will not show his true form. He transforms into something new which we see as Mard Geer Tartaros, the King of Hades, the Absolute Demon. Natsu tells him, that he should prepared to get his ass kicked. Fairy Tail 408 ends here.

A good chapter, more and more crazy things are happening, it’s really awesome to see that Gray has such a fantastic powerful power that he can use against Mard Geer, on top of which I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 408, titled “A Black and White Lynchpin”.

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