The Dark Motivator – Obito Uchiha

naruto_the_motivation_of_obito_by_cecilialovalvo-d66mc0iAn incredible piece of artwork based on Obito Uchiha where only black colours on white have been used. The artist has really brought out the awesome and dark parson which makes Obito. He never started out evil, however when Madara Uchiha saved him and he witnessed Rin’s murder from the hands of Kakashi. He’s gone through a lot of training as well as hatred in order to get to this stage. Will he be able to get win against Kakashi or die?

The fantastic artwork above was done by CeciliaLoValvo, who has done a great job of creating such a wonderful and artistic piece of fan art for the lonely and full of hatred Obito Uchiha. You should definitely check her other awesome artwork out.

What do you think?

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