Strawberry, The Giant Killer – Bleach and Attack on Titan Crossover

crossover_bleach_attack_on_titan_by_yochiru_29-d66fe8zIchigo Kurosaki, or Strawberry, has always been a fighter for the good, there is no clear good side in Bleach as both think they’re good, however when we involve a new and upcoming anime such as Attack on Titan, it’s clear that Ichigo as a member of the Scouting Legion will do a lot more good then you think. Plus as Ichigo in Bleach is special, Ichigo in Attack on Titan’s also has great power to which he can turn into an amazing giant.

I’m a fan of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, literally meaning Advancing Giants), and yes I do watch it, plus just started reading the manga. I suggest you start watching and reading it if you wish. The amazing artwork above was done by Yochiru-29 who’s also got a number of great fan art based on Bleach on other anime.

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