5 Anime Protagonists with Furry Friends

Anime protagonists usually have a furry friend who keeps them company when they get a little lonely, or go on amazing adventures. From the small number of anime’s which I have watched, here a 5 anime’s in which the main protagonists has an amazing little furry friend.

Ichi_with_Kon_by_ElMrokoIchigo and Kon, both have a love and hate relationship. Kon loves to spend time with Ichigo and Rukia, especially. But when we began with Bleach, we got introduced to a modified soul who was created during Project Spearhead. Kon’s full name being Kaizo Konpaku is a green bead type object in which is inserted into a lion puppet we know and love. Kon is also used when Ichigo needs to go into his Shinigami mode to which Kon usually takes over Ichigo’s body, he uses a Soul Candy pill to give his body to Ichigo. Over the time Kon has been with Ichigo, Kon showed us that he’s not just another person a Hollow can eat up, but in fact has a lot a bravery in him, Kon is cool. [Image: ElMroko]

naruto___naruto_and_kurama_by_sa_dui-d52hbasNaruto and Kurama, they have obviously been stuck together for quite a while now and Kurama knows nearly everything about Naruto from the moment he was born. Naruto and Kurama now are friends, they’re working together in order to defeat the greater evil. Obviously we aren’t there in the anime but manga yes. And since Kurama isn’t seen in the real world we know that he’s a furry friend inside Naruto. [Image: Sa-Dui]

ft___natsu_and_happy_by_renciel-d4jvk10Natsu and Happy, when Happy was first discovered, the egg was taken care of by Natsu and Lisanna. It’s known that the Dragon Slayers have a cat by them in order to keep them safe, it was sent from Edolas in order to keep watch on the Dragon Slayers. However Happy was different, it was not a dragon as first thought by Natsu but in fact a talking and flying magical cat. It was something fantastic. Natsu being Happy’s master he’s always been there for him, being his most efficient way to transport himself, while not being travel sick at [Image: Renciel]

ash-and-pikachuAsh and Pikachu, it would be an insult not to include the tag team between both Ash and Pikachu. I’ll admit that I’ve not yet seen all of the episodes from Pokemon, nor will I have time to even watch them. Therefore I’m going to generally mention that they are a really good team when it comes to defeating the other Pokemon. I’ve seen a few episodes to mention this, plus it’s awesome to hear Pikachu say he’s famous line, “Pika Pika!”, that should have brought a few memories uh? [Image: Iza-nagi]

radical_ed_by_morbidpixelz-d38ewo7Edward and Ein, if you’ve never heard of these characters, you’re missing out on a great anime. Cowboy Bebop is one of those anime’s where you’re going to get instantly hooked, it has such an awesome back story and fantastic graphics even for it being somewhat old. Ein, the dog, is a special data dog, whose intelligence was greatly enhanced by a research facility. Ein joined Edward and the gang to which he goes on many wacky adventures with Edward. [Image: MorbidPixelz]

Have you got any other combination of protagonists with furry friends? If so do tell me who you think are an awesome combination using the comment section below.

There are 6 comments

      1. M.K.

        Well I’m just replying to that last paragraph and their relationship is kinda like natsu and happy except kirara also provides some extra firepower Op


        1. Sunite

          ohhh right, thats pretty interesting as Happy is more like a side line person, cheering you on. Hopefully when fighting, only helps when moving in the air 😛 i’ll have to watch a few episodes of Inuyasha to see kirara 😛


          1. M.K.

            Kirara and Sango only show up later in the story, so you’ll have to watch quite a few episodes maybe like 25 but inuyasha is a pretty good anime, even if u don’t think the relationship is awesome. P.S. kagaome and inuyasha could be a relationship because technically inuyasha is a furry creature 😛 😛


  1. Rhea

    dis post is simply cute coz I luv furry friends!!!! yeah nd do give inuyasha a watch coz kirara is sort of the right hand of sargo possessing firepower and speed nd also its extremely cute!!


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