Trapped Souls – Naruto gets Closer – Naruto Shippuden 304

Shikamaru Choji Neji Kiba Akamaru Souls arrive there Awesome Spider Naruto Summoning More Summonings from Sound Four Summonings from Sound Four Shikamaru tries to catch fatso Sound Four attack others The Sound FourNaruto Shippuden 304 carries on with the filler episodes, as they’re not even mentioned within the manga chapters. We see Neji, Kiba, Akamaru, Choji and Shikamaru’s Souls all being taken from their inanimate body a being trapped within a large circular barrier to which the Sound Four are also in, they carry on with their fight, at each position, they’re unable to defeat them due to their ability to heal.

Naruto Shippuden 304 begins as the bodies from the Edo user degrading, while the bodies whose souls were taken are still there. They’re barely breathing, they need to find out what’s going on, Hinata is told to use her Byakugan in order to find out what’s happening using her eyes. She notices that they have chakra, but it’s not circulating as it should. They seen to be at a state of suspension like a coma.

This has affected Kiba, Akamaru, Neji and even Choji. Ino proposes for her to start their chakra back up using her medical ninjutsu in order to flow their chakra, she has no choice therefore she has to do it correctly. Shino is doing something similar, to which he uses his chakra in order to restart their chakra flow.

Kabuto notices that what ever’s just happened, about transporting them into another place is a good idea, he could use this in order to trap them. We see it happening, the barrier form, the Sound Found also appear in that barrier. They’re literally immortal within that barrier since they’re unable to die within that due to their Edo Tensei powers.

The others also appear, they’s unable to notice where they’ve appeared. Choji notice the Sound Four, they mention that the game has already begun and they have no choice but to fight them, they’re also going to get their revenge back on what they did. Neji is told look at their energy flow as well as a way to get out of there, it seems like they’re fine, although the barrier is impervious.

The Sound Four go for their attack when Shikamaru seems to black out, Choji and the others are ready to counter attack, they take their different opponents, it seems like Shikamaru would be a little out of focus, Neji uses his hand techniques, Shikamaru tries to capture Choji’s opponent but it fails. Kidomaru fires an arrow but Shikamaru uses his mimic technique to make Choji out of the way.

They regroup in the middle after playing with the Edo Tensei users a little. They’re unable to die therefore they’re immortals within that realm. Shikamaru reminds them of something, he says that there are three things, the first is that they originally possessed jonin strength. The second is that there is no guarantee that after winning, if it works. The third is not explained as the Sound Four quickly summon their summoning from the ground up.

Shikamaru is once again said to be leader and captain. Their plan is to get back to the originally battlefield, even for Naruto. Naruto catches up to a group, he asks a member where they’re going, he notices that he’s a bad egg and punches to find out that he’s in fact a White Zetsu. Naruto keeps on running in order to get them back. Shino stresses in order to get them back.

They also receive some news on what to do based on getting them back, unfortunately what they’re currently doing is their best bet on what do to for now. They’re in serious need of some help, possibly from Naruto when he gets there. HQ isn’t even able to pin point on where they’re currently at.

Neji runs towards the barriers and the large summoned spider, Kiba uses smoke to get closer to Tayuya, Shikamaru gets both Sakon and Ukon in his mimic technique. Neji was used to distract them, Neji jumps up in order to get closer to Kidomaru which he does, he uses his palm technique in order to destroy the spider.

They seem to be putting a lot of effort to something which isn’t going to work. They mention that whatever they do, even if they beat them, the barrier will not vanish, it’s not about defeating them, but about when they will die, this is when the barrier will vanish. Naruto Shippuden 304 ends here.

A good episode, for a filler, I don’t like to see these as they away from the actual mangaka written work. Hopefully after next week’s filler, it’ll run smoothly. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 305, titled “The Vengeful” , when we see some past moments from the Sound Four as they help Orochimaru with his fight against the third Hokage. Hopefully they’ll get back to their bodies.

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  1. dreager1

    Never thought I’d see Kyodaigumo in action again, but wonders never cease! Definitely interesting to see him again, but it sounds like he was defeated fairly easily. It’s definitely too bad that we’re still in filler, but at least they’re doing it in a canon way. Like, if you hadn’t read the manga, you’d probably think that it was canon. Either way better than getting cancelled since we’re getting close to being caught up. I think Naruto’s going to need another filler arc or 2 unless like Bleach they just top the anime for a while. Hopefully the manga hurries!


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