Isshin fights Hollow! Masaki to Marry Ryuken – Bleach 530

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Bleach 530 sees the return of Isshin in Karakura Town, Masaki has also been seen to be adopted into the Ishida family where she is said to marry Ryuken Ishida since she’s the last Kurosaki left. Ryuken’s maid, Katagiri, may be Uryu’s mother. Isshin detects and looks at a hollow like form to which is similar to Ichigo’s when it fought with Ulquiorra. It seems like Isshin will be going head to head with something that looks like Aizen’s experiment.

Bleach 530 begins at 8:22 PM with two members from the 10th division trying to investigate this, they notice that this bad omen comes along only when it’s raining, someone speaks of how rainy days could mean this. Out of nowhere, Isshin shows up, they ask what he’s doing there. He mentions that he wanted to go for a pee but got lost.

He then mentions that if it starts to rain, that means that they should both go back to Soul Society, he jokingly mentions that it will be hard for him to go for a pee if others are watching him. At 8:36 during the same time, we go to the Ishida mansion, where Masaki is asked about the schools.

She mentions that she looks forward to commute every morning, she also mentions that she’s able to take second helpings of pickles and cabbages during lunch. The mother’s not too happy about what she’s currently saying. She then asks how her Holy Training is going. She slowly replies that she’s taking baby steps. Her aunt gets angry, she reminds her of her situation as she’s the last offspring of the Kurosaki Family, they’ve even reached mutual understanding in that they’ll take care of a fellow Quincy.

A much younger Ryuken appears in front of them, he asks his mother to stop getting angry and refrain herself, he mentions that he could hear her voice from outside. She mentions that she’s going to her room, his dinner will also be ready soon, she tells him to tell Katagiri to clean everything when he’s finished. Ryuken asks about father, when she mentions that he’s at the Fuenftes Feld, literally meaning Fifth Field, she mentions that she sometimes wonder when he’s ever going to be back.

Ryuken starts by telling Masaki that he’s sorry for her mothers outburst, she’s just a little lonely and she’s just stressing a little out. Masaki quickly replies saying that there is nothing wrong, she’s perfectly fine and Ryuken should calm down a little. She also thanks him for the dinner, she then tells him that he’ll be in her room when she’s needed. She heads off.

Katagiri appears, she tells Ryuken that his food is ready. Out of nowhere, Ryuken begins to speak to Katagiri about what’s currently happening, her visual appearance reminds me of Uryu, could she be the mother of Uryu Ishida? He mentions that he’s well aware that she wanted to make sure that their Quincy line is pure, Katagiri knows nothing of this.

Ryuken then mentions that the last thing she’s feeling might be joy about their arranged marriage. Katagiri mentions that she thinks that Uryu may have wanted a marriage with love instead of it being arranged. She then mentions that she doesn’t think that his thoughts will be lost with Masaki. He mentions that he’s not the thoughtful type.

He mentions that she only wants her to be happy and have a positive outlook on the future. He doesn’t want to look at their future, he’s much more concerned about the future of the Quincies. Katagiri looks at him as though she’s unhappy. It begins to rain, both 10th division members are watching Isshin carefully.

Isshin mentions that this thing attacking Shinigami could have a bull’s eye in their back or that this thing may have been attracted by immense reiatsu. He raises his reiatsu in order to call this thing out. The 10th division members look at his power up, when something or someone out of nowhere appears. The two members watching Isshin die quickly and easily.

Isshin notices this, he also notices that it doesn’t matter how strong you are since this thing seems to go after all Shinigami’s. Out of nowhere this monster appears, it has a very slim body with no arms, just sword like hands which with a head with a mask similar to that which Ichigo had, it also has a very similar body type to Hollow form which Ichigo had during his fight with Ulquiorra!

A great chapter, and an amazing fight is just about to begin, hopefully we see Isshin’s fate unfold when Masaki comes to help him out, hopefully at that point, we see their love flourish, while Ryuken could get with Katagiri, it should be interesting to see whats going to happen during the next few chapters, unfortunately, Bleach 531 will be on break next week, however it will be back the week after that.

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  1. dreager1

    It would be awesome if that were Ichigo! Well, I think this could be Hichigo. Isshin will be defeated and Masaki managed to fend off the hollow. Later on the hollow comes back and destroys Masaki, so Isshin has to use FGT to destroy Hichigo, but a piece of Hichigo’s soul manages to get inside Isshin’s zampackto. In the future, somehow the sword kind of went into Ichigo’s reiatsu and that’s how Hichigo came…maybe not. Sounds kind of convoluted.

    Maybe Masaki defeats the hollow, but a piece of his reiatsu stays on her so when Ichigo is born, the hollow transfers into his soul. Either way that was definitely an awesome cliffhanger and Bleach is back in biz with the epicness! Too bad about the 1 week break, at least Naruto will be back next week


    1. nick dunn

      Yes thats true. Fullbringers get there powers from there parents surviving a Hollow attack. Obviously now we know how Ichigo got Visord and Fullbringer powers. Dude that Hollow is a fucking Vasto Lorde! The highest and the most powerful form of the Menos. They are so rare i number that you can count the entire number of them in Hueco Mundo with your fingers on one hand. The strength of Vasto Lorde are above average Captain level Shinigami. Toshiro said if the Entire Espada were all Vasto Lorde, the Soul Society would be defeated. Luckily for them the Espada only had two Espada members who were Vasto Lorde. Halibel and Ulquiorra. Thatz why those two are so powerful. I can already guess that Neliel was a Vasto Lorde. Maybe even Nnoritra. But this Vasto Lorde seems extremely powerful. From what i can guess, he defeats Isshin but also gets injured. Then Masaki comes and fights the Vasto Lorde. She did look lightly injured after going to see if Isshin was ok. Thank god she killed that Vasto Lorde. Because if not, then he would have become a Arrancar and i think a he will be a 3rd Espada. We all know this Hollow is more powerful then Ulquiorra. So thats what rank i give him. And yes i don believe some of that hollows powers came into Masaki and into Ichigo and his sisters. During his Shinigami training, the hollow managed to be awakened, like Ichigos Quincy powers. By absorbing Kirges Reishi from his Reishi Cage.


  2. Popothegreat

    Wow ichigo is so powerfull he got 3 dimension power 1st shinigami 2nd hollow 3 quincy hahaha like aizen said when they fought each other he mention about the 3 dimension if i recall LOL!! 😀


  3. yay

    i believe that during uraharas training, ichigo nearly turning into a hollow isnt what gave him his hollow powers, maybe it just awaken his inner hollow he had this whole time that he got from this hollow who might be a vasto lorde. this could explain why ichigo could perform his fullbring, parents being attack before they were born by hollows


  4. deucee9s2wylde

    As far as I can tell, we still don’t know the nature of Masaki’s powers, we don’t know whether this hollow was even killed when she stepped in to save Ishin, or if they just got away from it somehow, and we don’t know why, although Ishin was from a noble family of SS, he took Masaki’s surname. If he was trying to hide the fact that he moved to the world of the living to raise a family, then I think Urahara helped him with that. Interesting to know that all of this really was Aizen’s handy work. This particular vasto lorde is probably his doing as well. Can’t wait to see where Kubo is going with this.


  5. Ryan

    i have a stupid question.If stark(1st espada)and baraggan(2nd espada)were not vasto lordes but ulquiorra and halibel were(which i’m sure of) then, how come stark and baraggan were ranked 1st and 2nd respectively?it should have been ulquiorra and halibel as they were vasto lordes who are even powerful than adjuchas and gillian class menos.anyone can answer?


    1. rise

      im not sure about stark being number 1 but i think its because he’s a different kind of hollow than the others meaning he acts diffenent and baraggan maybe isnt a vasto lorde, but his power surpasses halibel cuz he was the king of hueco mundo and no one could touch him cuz of his power….. ulquiorra was ranked 4th for his 1st release form but i believe he’s second release made him the stronger of all and ulquiorra isnt a vasto lorde, it has only been said that haibel so far is a vasto lorde. i also remember toshiro saying that if all of aizens espadas were all vasto lorde, soul society wouldnt have a chance of winning cuz vasto lorde powers surpasses even a captains level, and halibel is probably a low level vasto lorde….. sorry is i couldnt explain it more better


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