Yamamoto’s Zanka No Tachi East & West! – Bleach 507

Bleach 507 continues with the incredible battle between Yamamoto and Juha Bach! We learn that Yamamoto’s Bankai Sword isn’t just a sword, but an intense Zanpakuto which turns everything into ash, even the Blut Vene system would not be compared to Yamamoto. Yamamoto also reveals his Zanka No Tachi East & West!

Bleach 507 continues on from last week’s chapter as the Blond Stern Ritter asks himself if what Yamamoto revealed his Bankai is would even count as a Bankai. He asks himself if the little scorched blade left after the fire is the Bankai. Juha Bach tells him not to underestimate him because the Zanka No Tachi is a Bankai that incorporates in that little blade full power of Yamamoto’s Flames.

This meaning that one swing would mean the end of the opponent. It burns anything it cuts to ash, it’s a sword with tremendous flame power. Yamamoto agrees at his judgement, he says that he’s already seen his Bankai a thousand years ago and should understand how powerful it is. Yamamoto asks Juha if he thinks it’s going to be the same. He can try it on his own body to check whether it’s the same as the one a Thousand Years ago.

Ukitake and Shunsui both notice that they’re throats both feel dry, Shunsui also receives a wound on his lip as a sign that Yamamoto’s Bankai has been released. Unohana also notices the change as the pot with water starts to disappear. Isane also notices that her skin feels dry, Unohana tells her that it’s the first time she’s say something really girly.

Unohana tells herself that before Soul Society is destroyed, he should use his own power to defeat him. Toshiro and his Stern Ritter opponent are fighting, Toshiro notices that his Bankai is currently useless because all the water in Soul Society is slowly vanishing. Ukitake and Shunsui both notice that this is the power of Zanka No Tachi! Silently, Silently, Like a Glowing Ember.

Yamamoto steps forward and swings his sword, it cuts the cape which Juha Bach is wearing but no fire or flames appeared. He asks himself if he’s Bankai did change compared to the one a Thousand Years ago. He reminds himself of all the abilities of a Shikai and Bankai, he tells himself that a Shikai and Bankai don’t use a different ability.

The power of Yamamoto’s Bankai is fire, there is no mistaking it that it’s fire, so then he asks himself where the flames went. Yamamoto touches his sword on the ground, moments later, the ground which the sword touched completely vanished. Juha Bach is flabbergasted as the unseen potential of Yamamoto’s Bankai!

Juha Bach shouts at Yamamoto that it’s the point. Yamamoto tells him that he’s correct, Yamamoto then keeps on swinging the sword. Yamamoto then releases his power, Zanka No Tachi, East! Kyoku Jitsu Jin! He says that all the heat of his flames is focused on the edge of the blade!

Yamamoto tells Juha Bach that his Bankai doesn’t burn nor does it fire up anything, it just blows away! Anything it touches it left without any traces. Yamamoto keeps on attacking, he reveals that even the Quincy’s Defensive Blut Vene has no effect.

Juha Bach then reveals that it’s a boring Bankai because all he needs to do is attack Yamamoto without touching the sword, so cut Yamamoto on any of his body parts. Juha Bach tries to attack Yamamoto on his head he looks at his sword and notices that it’s completely disappeared!

Yamamoto tells Juha that he’s too confident. Yamamoto repeats himself, he just said Zanka No Tachi, East! He tells Juha that if there’s an East, then there’s a west! Juha Bach then lays his eyes upon Yamamoto’s change in Bankai! Yamamoto shows him the  Zanka No Tachi, West! Zan Jutsu Gokui (Literally Meaning Prison Uniform of the Remaining Sun).

Yamamoto shows Juha Bach this form and tells him that it reaches a temperature of 1,500,00 Degrees! He tells him that he cannot even touch him whilst using his Bankai! It’s as if his body and sword are clad in the sun’s flames! Juha Bach states at Yamamoto in fear as well as shock as it seems he won’t be able to do anything! Bleach 507 ends here!

Yamamoto is seriously trumping Juha Bach right now, it’s as though Juha Bach won’t be able to do anything! But the one thing we still haven’t seen is Juha Bach show us any of his powers yet so Juha Bach could still defeat Yamamoto is he showed off his powers too! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 508! Hopefully the battle between these two will continue!

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  1. As nodt

    Zanka no tachi.yamamoto bankai really strongers he’s burning soul societi use his bankai.juha sword is broken.i think juha use his folstanding to fight yamamoto bankai.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I think Juha Bach will have to also power up to get get onto Yamamoto’s level… the thing that makes me fear Juha is that we still haven’t seen his power, so he could be a lot stronger than Yamamoto…


      1. Tensa Zangetsu

        I think Yamaji is playing into Juha Bach’s hands. I think Juha Bach has not stolen his bankia yet because he wants to see its forms and functions. I believe Yamamoto has made a grave error,in his angered state


  2. dreager1

    Yeah, I think Yamamoto’s still gonna lose in the end, but it’s good to FINALLY see his bankai after like 10 years of waiting. It’s definitely a good one, but this could spell trouble for Hitsugaya. Without his ice attacks how can he possibly win?


          1. Linus135

            I don’t think he will for diff reasons, but the main one is he is a prodigy. To be a in the gotei 13 at his age let alone a captain…he HAS to keep going!! 😛


    1. Sunite

      Don’t count Toshiro out yet…. remember that his Bankai has been stolen but since the air is getting dry and the moistness in the air is evaporating.. The Bankai which the Stern Ritter stole will melt in it’s self…. thus giving Toshiro a advantage to use his swordsmanship against the Stern Ritter..


      1. deucee9s2wylde

        That’s a very good point. Let’s see how our young Captain Prodigy fairs without the convenience of his zanpakuto’s powers. Fortunately, his bankai can’t be used against him.


  3. deucee9s2wylde

    Everything seems to be moving relatively quick in this arc. Not only are the big guys already facing off, but old man Yama went straight to his bankai without even a second thought. Now, revealing the immense power of his Zanka No Tachi, the end seems to be closing in rather quickly. Which begs the question, what does Tite Kubo have in store for us that will allow this arc to continue for the next couple years? I’m very anxious to see how the next ten chapters play out.


    1. Sunite

      Well you know that over a thousand Shinigami’s have died… and Yamamoto cares about all of them, plus he wants to end it quickly so that he can stop all the deaths… It’s likely that it will continue for a long time because i’m pretty sure that Yamamoto will receive and injury and Yamamoto may be nearly killed… so you know that it will keep on going..


      1. nick dunn

        I think they will both take even severely wounds and end up being even. Bach will have to use his Quincy Vollstang to even Yama-je’s Bankai. About Toshiro. True he cant use Hyorimaru and the Quincy cant use his Bankai anymore. But i dont think his Zanjusu skills will be enough to defeat the Stern Ritter. Maybe when Rangiku helps him with her Zanjusu and her Shikai Haniko. I like how Joshiro, Shunsui and Restu feel Yama-je’s Bankai again after 1000 years. They already know his power can destroy all of Soul Society.


        1. Sunite

          Yeah agree, and yeah Joshiro, Shunsui and Unohaha are such badasses! They obviously know Yamamoto too well that they don’t need to do anything because he can take care of himself…


  4. zla92

    I am just stunned after this chapter seriously. Kubos delivering epicness for several weeks in a row now and it seems like it wont be stoppig anytime soon. First of all Yama-jis bankai is just insane. East is badass but west tops it by miles. I mean those two are the perfect offensive and defensive counter to the Quincies blut techniques and can even overpower them. Bach better pray there is no north and south coz that would mean thats hes fried like a french fry lol

    My theory is that Bach cant kill him nor defeat but maybe somehow put away or make him unable to fight for some time. Sending to another dimension might be too predictable but somehow he will stop him. The situation looks pretty devastating for him but remember that he changed in 1000 years as well and hes gonna show has his trumph card very soon. At this point there is no logic in Yama-ji winning coz that would mean the arc is over. BUT what if he isnt the real boss????! #omgsmiley

    15 milion C is the temperature of the suns core ffs. Dispelling Daiguren Hyorinmaru like that was just insane guys. Its also sure why he didnt use this against Aizen. For this he must be able to strike with east but he was already under hypnosis so chances to one shot him with it were minimal. Cant wait for next chap!


    1. Ne3X7

      Was just waiting for your comment 😀 coz you seem to understand, what happens there, I don’t.

      On topic, liked the chapter. Aaand, liked the west thing. But, could anything around survive in such a temp?! Yeah, also wondered how Yama could hide the power, or make it invisible.

      And what the hell is Unohana doing?! She’s on the safe side, why?


      1. zla92

        Nah dont think i said anything special. Just analayzing the current situation the best way i can. 😀

        If we go by the real world logic no chance as it would melt everything away but since its manga and they are spiritual beings normal logic does not apply. I also guess that as long as you dont touch him you wont get annihilated but just feel dizzy from the energry hes emitting just like Kyoraku, Ukitake and co.

        It would be bad if their top healer falls now so shes just relaxing and cordinating things from the division barracks. That or Kubo just wont show her fighting during the invasion but he did say she will fight and use bankai at some point in the arc. 😀


      2. deucee9s2wylde

        One important method or technique is keeping the enemy in the dark of your capabilities. Someone with the level of control that old man Yama has achieved would have any easy time revealing and/or concealing their power from almost anyone. Just as it is with his Zanka No Tachi East, the flames of West are also contained and concealed. One would have to make direct contact for it to cause damage.

        As for Unohana, zla92 is right. The role of any medical unit of a military force is that of support. They don’t take part in the actual fighting unless it is absolutely necessary. Their job is to care for the injured and the sick. If they’re taken out, then everyone who falls has no chance of getting back up.

        But Kubo did say she was gonna eventually join the fight and release her bankai. I’m looking forward to that.


    1. zla92

      Depends what Aizen wants and what Bach is planning. Maybe if he goes after the Soul King Aizen joins the frey but as we know how much he despises humans i really doubt it. Aizens return will be epic be sure of it.


      1. Sunite

        What if somehow the Soul King had the ultimate Hogyoku? Which Aizen would want, he goes up to the King and demands it…. And hmm Aizen hasn’t been up against a Quincy before nor does he know about them (I think)… so he may not hate them….
        Hopefully Aizen’s entrance will be so epic that it will be like WOWWW and hopefully he looks badass!


        1. zla92

          Seems too farfetched theory for me. Why would he need another Hogyoku at all? It would also be boring to have the plot concentrated again on the Hogyoku.

          Why i think he hates them? Simply coz one surpassed him in their last battle. Ichigo is the very reason why he couldnt take on the Soul King in the end.

          If Urahara knows about them then Aizen with his superior intelect must know too. In the end he was teacher at the Shino Academy. 😛


    2. Sunite

      Hmm It’s likely 😀 It would be awesome to see them together! What if somehow Aizen became the leader of the Quincy’s.. he somehow defeated Juha and became the leader of Hollows and Quincy Kingdoms..


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