So you won’t have to cry anymore – Gin & Matsumoto

A beautiful and awesome image of Rangiku Matsumoto and Gin Ichimaru, where Matsumoto hugs Gin from the back, and Gin smiles with a feeling of love. It’s never been confirmed but we’ve seen how Matsumoto and Gin act around each other, it’s as though they are still in the lust stage of their relationship. They seem to love each other but would it go anywhere from the current point?

A ton of Bleach fans want  Gin back, it’s not been fully confirmed if he’s dead or not thus Gin is likely to be back. And possibly this time we will get attached to Gin and Matsumoto as a couple! Seeing Rangiku and Gin together within Bleach’s Final Arc will be a treat, hopefully Kubo Tite is cooking up from couples within this Final Arc!

The fantastic image of Gin and Matsumoto was drawn by the zhenyue, they’ve got some fantastic fan art of different characters so definitely check her out! She based this image on the quote, “I’m going to be a shinigami and change things, so you won’t have to cry anymore.”

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    1. Sunite

      I think Kubo has got Gin in mind. He won’t keep him away because he is ultimately an awesome character! I’m sure that he will be back soon, because Kubo may want to donate some time for couples like Orihime and Ichigo, Rangiku and Gin… or any other character….


      1. South africas biggest ichimaru fan

        Bleach will not be the same if gin does not return and their is still so much left for him to do he is my favorite character and I hope that tite kubo will have the heart to bring him back


  1. Afia Prome,Dhaka,BANGLADESH

    U guyz r sure ha that Gin will back?I’m almost dying without him;(is there any avedense that Tite Kubo will bring him back?


      1. nick dunn

        Apparently Aizen send his large Reiatsu and killed Kaname. Man he’s so mean. Kaname’s Zanpakuto always intrigued me 😉


          1. nick dunn

            Well he did cut his throat. But that’s not what killed him. For some reason, he was gonna tell Shuuhei something, and than he just blew up. Sajin said Aizen did it.


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