Ichigo vs Johnny Blaze – Hollow Ichigo vs Ghost Rider

As you can see above, Ichigo Kurosaki within his Hollow Ichigo Form, while Johnny Blaze is within his Ghost Rider Form. My question to you is, who would you think would win between these two epic and strong characters! Here’s an image on Ghost Rider and Hollow Ichigo made into one character, Hollow Rider!

Ichigo’s incredible powerful form surpasses Ichigo’s Bankai itself and brings it into a whole new level! Ichigo and his Hollow form have evolved to such an intense level that it brings out the crazy side of Ichigo! Ichigo’s Inner Hollow is brought out to bring chaos within this incredibly powerful Hollow Ichigo Form! Hollow Ichigo is able to perform all of Ichigo’s moves plus many more such the Cero, Hollow Ichigo’s speed and strength have increased to such a level that it’s still seems that it’s not been surpassed yet. Hollow Ichigo also has the ability to do high-speed regeneration therefore allowing him to repair any injury that appears in his body.

Johnny Blaze is also a very interesting and powerful character! He has a ton of abilities which allows him to defeat his opponents, this including the devil himself. Johnny Blaze was given the power in exchange for his soul, when the night comes he turns into the Ghost Rider who is a skeletal being clad in black leather with flames coming from its head. During this form, Ghost Rider is resistant to most damage because of his great strength. He has a bikers chain which he uses quite a lot. He is also able to control and use Hellfire, an ability to burn the soul of its victims leaving the flesh not burnt.

So who do you favor within this battle? Ichigo vs Johnny Blaze in their Hollow Ichigo and Ghost Rider Form. Who do you think would win, comment using the comment box below.

Images were fantastically drawn, Ichigo vs Ghost Rider by hyugasosby, Hollow Ichigo by TAKORUone and Ghost Rider by nachomolina.

There are 11 comments

    1. Sunite

      Lool, Yeah Ichigo for win! I also think so. But still If Ghost Rider got Hollow Ichigo, he would be able to perform the Hellfire and the Soul of Hollow Ichigo…


      1. dreager1

        Well Hollow Ichigo’s spirit is strong enough that it doesn’t dissipate when Ichigo’s weakened or when he’s defeated. I think he’d beat Ghost Rider in a mental battle. As a twist think you’ll do a fight where Ichigo loses next time?


  1. Matteo Neviani

    Whoever says Ichigo stomps is most likely unaware of Ghost Rider’s Feats. Ghost Rider took the Hulk one-on-one in his WORLD WAR HULK incarnation. And that Hulk beated Sentry, which is basically Superman. Dr.Strange, the supreme sorcerer of Marvel Universe, said Ghost Rider’s true power is actually LIMITLESS. He is the avatar of Vengeance, so he incarnates a universal principle. He didn’t beat the Hulk only because he found him not guilty, therefore he didn’t care and decided to leave.
    He can’t be killed. Even if atomized, he just resurrects. His energy can’t be absorbed or deflected or otherwise negated since he has unlimited resources. He can defy physics law with ease. Can morph almost anything with Hellfire from nothing. Mindrapes enemies. Seriously, the guy would have oneshotted Aizen with his penance stare in half a minute, leaving him crying in an angle and pissing his pants.
    The only problem with Ichigo would be that, much like the Hulk, he would find him not guilty of anything, so he would just ignore him, ending the fight into a no contest.


  2. Rolland

    Ichigo powers(light speed movement insane strength cero blast capable of breaking unbreakable hell chains high speed regeneration powerful sword blasts ) ghost rider ( high speed regeneration fire balls soul burning chains penance stare flaming bike hellfire ) ghost riders chains wouldn’t even touch ichigo because of cero hollow ichigo is insane so penance stare is useless high speed is faster than the bike fire balls wouldn’t hurt ichigo because of high speed reganeration ichigo would kick ghost riders ass


  3. Marcelino Smith

    Yes the ghost will win this fight but remember Ichgio is half Quincy and is
    Ability that Quincy king uses too stale other people’s power’s. If use that
    Same tecknek on the ghost rider than he take all of his powers.🤔🤔


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