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Kurama’s New Form – Naruto 571

After the great Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Beast, had agreed with Naruto to help him out both Naruto and Kurama’s forms had changed. They had both enhanced powers as well as being able to build their trusts of each other.

As you can see, Kurama’s form has completely changed, just like Naruto’s Chakra Mode or his Bijuu Mode, you would have noticed that Kurama’s skin has a flowing chakra effect to it. His eyes have from a dark blood-red color to a light yellow representing that his hatred has now been neutralized. The color of his skin has now turned into a fire type color which is similar to his Chakra Mode.

This new form of his will seriously kick some real tailed beast ass, I’m sure that we’ll read a fantastic chapter when it’ll release next week with Naruto 572. Hopefully Naruto wont get blow away by the Bijuu Dama released by the other Tailed Beasts and therefore the chapter will be even more exciting than this weeks.

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Naruto’s Bijuu Mode [UPDATE]

After the amazing release of the incredible Bijuu Form, the anime community has gone crazy over how great Naruto’s New Form looks like. Both Anime Fans and Anime Artists have gone crazy over his new form, and even coloring them and posting their version online to show off how well they can draw.

I’ve collected, what I think are the best looking images within just one short day and there is some unbelievable work out there. If I find any other incredible image, I’ll be sure to add them to collection!

The Bijuu Mode was featured within Naruto Chapter 571, you can read about the episode here or look at the Naruto’s Bijuu Mode post here. Be such to tell me which version of Naruto’s Bijuu you find the best, as well as recommend me to add any other amazing Bijuu Mode’s you guys have found.

Bijuu Mode vs 5 Tailed Beasts – Naruto 571

One of the most Epic Naruto Chapters in a long time. Finally Naruto and Kurama meld their chakra together to create the amazing Bijuu Mode. Then they both start to kick some ass all over the place, as well as saving Kakashi and Guy.

See Naruto’s Bijuu Mode Here.

We start with Naruto  and Kurama both joining together, with a hint of the new power at the first page. Killer Bee being surprised by what Naruto has achieved in such a short time.

At the moment where the 5 Tailed Beasts, which are the Two, Three, Five, Six and Seven Tailed Beasts all aimed their Bijuu Dama attack right at Kakashi and Guy. Out of desperation, Kakashi asks to use his Kamui to wipe them out, while Guy tells Kakashi he doesn’t have enough strength to do that technique. While Guy wants to open his Eight Gate, Kakashi calls him a fool as he will die after using that technique.

At this moment, Naruto flashes into the space and reflects all the Bijuu Dama’s out-of-the-way. During this time, Kakashi sees a figure with his Sharingan, which he says is his “Senpai”, Minato Namikaze, but in fact is Naruto within his Bijuu Mode. The movement was so quick that it was just like the Yellow Flash which Minato used.

At this quick moment while the 5 Tailed Beasts come, Naruto lets Kurama out to have some fun. He unleashes the power of the 9 Tailed Beast, which then smashes all 5 Tailed Beasts down as the Bijuu Transformation occurs. As the Transformation happens, Killer Bee becomes surprised that Naruto finally pulled of the Bijuu Transformation.

Both Kakashi and Guy wonder where have they gone, they suspect that they are inside the Nine Tails Chakra. Naruto creates a Shadow Clone to help him pinpoint the exact position where the rods are located within the bodies of the Tailed Beasts. Kurama warns Naruto that the Bijuu Transformation is not perfect therefore the time they can keep the transformation up is limited to around 5 minutes.

At this point, Kurama and Naruto start to kick some serious ass even at a disadvantage of 1 to 5. Currently, they want to find where all the rods are located, Naruto obviously wants to get the rods out and free everyone else. Tobi thinks “If I was planning on killing them, this wold be the perfect opportunity”  making me think that he has further plans for Naruto, such as using him for some dubious plan.

All 5 Tailed Beasts get together to make one ultimate Bijuu Dama which contains a horrendous amount of chakra which has been concentrated to have an even larger impact. We see that they create one passive Bijuu Dama which covers a large portion of the sky.

Naruto has not been able to successfully pull of a large enough Bijuu Dama. But here he try’s to make it large enough to counter attack the Bijuu Dama from the 5 Tailed Beasts. He does this and successfully launches the attack at the 5 Tailed Beasts, while they do the same.

Naruto 571 is probably one of my favorites Naruto Chapters with both action and story. Can’t believe Naruto has grown up from a little misbehaving kid to such an influential person to even get Kurama on his side. Damn, Naruto 572 is going to be another epic chapter.

Bijuu Mode – Naruto’s New Power – Naruto 571

Within the latest Naruto 571, we see a completely different Naruto. One which now has now joined with Kurama and holds a lot more power than before within the form of Bijuu Mode. Both Naruto and Kurama now look a lot different from before as they have both meld their chakra together to get their Bijuu Transformation.

The new Naruto looks a lot different as he now has a type of cape which also shows chakra flowing through it. His whole body is covered with markings which we saw during his Chakra Mode. He presumably now has 9 markings around his neck which has the sign used by the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto’s whisker like lines within is cheeks have grown larger to show that his power have grown.

Naruto’s eyes now have a much larger thickness to them on the top corner, just like when he was within his Sage Mode. The images above will explain how Naruto’s Bijuu Mode looks similar to his previous forms such as his Chakra Mode and Sage Mode.

Naruto’s Bijuu Mode has been long coming as it could be Naruto’s Final Form. Naruto has gotten a lot stronger with Kurama by his side, as they are now more like friends then enemies.

During today’s episode we saw some serious ass kicking by Kurama and Naruto. You can read about Naruto 571 chapter by clicking Bijuu Mode vs 5 Tailed Beasts.

Tobi’s Justu sucks Son Goku – Naruto 570

If you guys have read the latest Naruto 570, you would have noticed Tobi’s technique uses Chakra Chains to completely sucks in Son Goku, the Four-Tail Beast. This technique was very similar to one which Pain/Nagato used.

When Naruto took the black stake out of Son Goku’s body, it separated both Roshi, the Jinchuuriki, and Son. Son predicted that he would the ability to freely control himself, but in fact that didn’t work as Tobi still had control over Son.

The main reason Tobi released this unknown and unnamed jutsu was to take back Son, Tobi wanted to keep both Roshi and Son together as he is the Jinchuuriki, and it is much easier for Tobi to control Roshi using the black stake, but as the stake was removed both the body and the beast are now separated.

This technique is similar to one which Pain/Nagato used when Konoha was being destroyed. If you remember this far back you guys need a medal! Nagato had a couple of similar technique which had a similar purpose, which was to pull people into a different type of existence or within a hole.  These technique were Nakara Path, Outer Path, Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life and Human Path (Soul Removal).

That was an amazing episode, hopefully all of you manga readers understand why he was sucked in. If there’s anything else you guys don’t understand, drop me a comment below. The next chapter Naruto 571 is probably going to be one amazing chapter as both Kurama and Naruto are now partners! They will work together to bring Tobi down!

The Fist Bump Theory – Naruto 570

A ton of people have wondered what the fist bump within the few new Naruto Shippuden episodes and Manga chapters mean. A lot of people have mentioned that it’s a sign of respect showing that one trusts another.

I personally think that within the Naruto Anime and Manga, there are plenty of explanation and different types of fist bumps, they may all be just a fist bump but they represent a different kind of relationship each time.

When Son Goku, the Four-Tail, asks Naruto to put his hand out, Naruto asks Son what it is, as he wonders what he’s about to get. Son Goku, has a lot of respect by now as he had removed the black stake which held the body of Roshi and Son Goku together. Son knows that Tobi, the masked man, will be taking Son Goku back using his mysterious technique so he gives Naruto a last-minute Fist Bump to show the that he has a lot of respect for what he’s done. It’s still not confirmed but it here Son Goku could have transferred some of his powered to Naruto.

Within Naruto 570, we see Kurama, Nine-Tails, ask Naruto to Fist Bump him. Kurama puts his hands out and says “Meld Your Chakra With Mine…”, as seen in the image above. Before Kurama always kept to himself, he never talked to Naruto or even shared any of his powers with Naruto. Here Kurama saw how Son Goku trusted Naruto within a few minutes due as seen by the Fist Bump, while Kurama has been with Naruto all of his life and never trusted him.

At the point of the Fist Bump, both Naruto and Kurama had concentrated a little harder than usual, Naruto returns to the fight as thought his strength has been restored. It is as thought that fist bump was a little more than just a fist bump, more like a transfer of energy. We saw a little while ago when Naruto and Kurama fought so Naruto could obtain his Chakra Mode form. The way Naruto gained power from Kurama could have been the same here too.

After this point, Naruto had opened his seal to let Kurama out! You can see the post here.

We saw a lot in this chapter! But all the action will be within the next Naruto 571 chapter! I definitely cannot wait to see Tobi’s and Killer Bee’s face when they find out Naruto has teamed up with Kurama, not as a Monster-Fox, but as a team-mate from the Leaf Village!

Kurama, Let’s Go! – Naruto 570

What an epic Naruto 570 chapter that was. Naruto finally lets the dogs out, Son the four tails has released and then absorbed by Tobi’s (Masked Man) jutsu.

We start the episode where we left off last time, which was when Naruto was trying to remove the stake from Son’s skin. The stake is completely out, but Son doesn’t seem to have full control of himself. At the moment the Naruto pulls out the stake, Tobi, releases a large unknown technique which is above Tobi.

As Naruto goes back to where Son’s spirit is located, there is still one more chain left. Naruto asks why his chains haven’t disappeared. Son comes to the conclusion that what Naruto had done wasn’t nothing more than useless. Angry Naruto switches on Son saying that he wanted to save Son. That stake was just a temporary way to bind my chakra to the Jinchuuriki’s Body.

Son’s plan was all along to release the Jinchuuriki’s Body at a convenient time, until Tobi sucked Son back into him using his technique. Son had asked Naruto to put his hand out, they both fist bump, during this time, they both transfer energy from Son to Naruto. Tobi’s technique quickly activates and sucks the Four-Tails like a meat-ball. And at this moment, Roshi’s body falls down, with no stake through his heart.

At this quick moment, both Kakashi and Guy are fighting 5 Tailed-Beasts, as seen in the images above. Naruto at his limit, Kurama tells Naruto that he is able to lend him his power. Kurama puts his hands forward so Naruto could fist bump it, Naruto fist bumps and it all begins from here. Both concentrate from here and chakra is transferred from Kurama to Naruto.

At this point, as Naruto trusts Kurama for lending him his power, so Naruto opens the seal slowly so Naruto could gain full power. “You aren’t a monster fox anymore. You’re one of my teammates from the leaf village” says Naruto to Kurama. Naruto’s is fully disabled and is the doors open! “Kurama, Now Let’s Go!!!” Says Naruto. At this point, both Naruto and Kurama trust each other quite a lot.

What a fantastic chapter this has been! Kurama is finally out, and Naruto let the dogs out! I can’t wait for next weeks Naruto 571 featuring next week.  I really want to see the damage both Naruto and Kurama can do whilst his full form has been released.