Kurama’s New Form – Naruto 571

After the great Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Beast, had agreed with Naruto to help him out both Naruto and Kurama’s forms had changed. They had both enhanced powers as well as being able to build their trusts of each other.

As you can see, Kurama’s form has completely changed, just like Naruto’s Chakra Mode or his Bijuu Mode, you would have noticed that Kurama’s skin has a flowing chakra effect to it. His eyes have from a dark blood-red color to a light yellow representing that his hatred has now been neutralized. The color of his skin has now turned into a fire type color which is similar to his Chakra Mode.

This new form of his will seriously kick some real tailed beast ass, I’m sure that we’ll read a fantastic chapter when it’ll release next week with Naruto 572. Hopefully Naruto wont get blow away by the Bijuu Dama released by the other Tailed Beasts and therefore the chapter will be even more exciting than this weeks.

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