Naruto and Sasuke’s Future

So basically, the purpose to this post was to get a few opinions on what you guys think will happen during the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. There are many things to consider as the whole of Naruto series is based on their dis-functional relationship.

Personally I think when Naruto finally faces Sasuke during their battle, which possibly isn’t too far away, they will both of course fight, Naruto will be on the defensive while Sasuke on the offensive to kill Naruto. Naruto will certainly try to pull Sasuke’s emotions to the surface, but will it actually work? We’ll have to see what will happen. As Sasuke has been absent from the whole scenes, I’m sure his got a butt load of techniques to show off with.

Naruto with his new Bijuu Mode and Sasuke with his Mangekyou Sharingan, I’m sure that the fight will certainly be epic. Also as a lot of time has passed, I’m sure that what Naruto will say to Sasuke will be perfect as he’s probably gone through that moment a lot of times.

I also think that it’ll be hard for Naruto to “bring him home”, but I’m sure that he’ll be able to do so as that’s what usually happens for an anime to have a happy ending. Hopefully Naruto will have what his always wanted, which is to have Team Kakashi back with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura back. Post your opinions on how Naruto will get Sasuke back.

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  1. SenninKyuubi

    When I saw Naruto transform it just made sense. It’s all about Susuno vs Bijuu Mode. And the fact that the Kyuubi’s chakra surrounds him just like Susuno with Sasuke… It’s so obvious! Iv been wondering how Naruto would counter Susuno for some time. The answer was handed to me last week.

    That fight will be off the scales. Hopefully Kishi wont rush it and allow it to develop over many many chapters. Anything less than, say, 30, would be a travesty. The anime version should cover at least 10 episodes. Thoughts? I’m going with unlikely (given how shite they are at developing anything/extending fights) but who knows maybe they’ll get it right one day… Right?

    And how fucking cool did Naruto look in that chapter? Fuck yeah. Makes me wonder why Bee doesn’t have a revved up über look. And Sasukes so gonna have a new look too. Can’t wait to see That one.


    1. Sunite

      That’s Absolutely true, Sosunoo vs Chakra Mode would be amazing!!

      And the thing about when Naruto actually fighting Sasuke, hopefully they don’t fill the episodes/manga with crappy emotional stuff during the fights… Will kill it if the author does do that..

      And with Bee and his tailed friend, I’m sure this is his final form caz he is of course a squid like fish..


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