Bleach Characters overthrow One Piece Image

Since I’m really getting into One Piece, which of course you guys might have heard before as its one of the most popular anime series with Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tails and Full Metal Alchemist. The image was drawn by Norita-chan and colored in by ioshik.

Ichigo as Luffy
Renji as Zoro
Orihime as Nami
Chad as Usopp
Uryu as Sanji
Kon as Chopper
Rukia as Robin

Tell me what you guys think about the image above, comment on this mix of Bleach Characters with the One Piece cast. To me it looks pretty good, that’s why I’ve posted it, but what do you guys think? Comment below.

The latest One Piece 533 episode has the Straw Hats seizing control of the King Neptune’s army and kingdom. The Straw Hats demand that their ship, Sunny, is coated with oxygen ball allowing for the ship to ride under water.

I started watching One Piece as a friend suggest it to me, after the time skip, which suggests that I have missed a lot from the story, but it would kill me if I had to watch all 500 episodes.

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  1. Linus135

    I found this hilarious because I’ve been into One Piece for a while and actually got caught up with the episodes then the manga 😛 It was really awesome to see the crossover, great stuff haha 😀 !!!


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