Bijuu Mode – Naruto’s New Power – Naruto 571

Within the latest Naruto 571, we see a completely different Naruto. One which now has now joined with Kurama and holds a lot more power than before within the form of Bijuu Mode. Both Naruto and Kurama now look a lot different from before as they have both meld their chakra together to get their Bijuu Transformation.

The new Naruto looks a lot different as he now has a type of cape which also shows chakra flowing through it. His whole body is covered with markings which we saw during his Chakra Mode. He presumably now has 9 markings around his neck which has the sign used by the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto’s whisker like lines within is cheeks have grown larger to show that his power have grown.

Naruto’s eyes now have a much larger thickness to them on the top corner, just like when he was within his Sage Mode. The images above will explain how Naruto’s Bijuu Mode looks similar to his previous forms such as his Chakra Mode and Sage Mode.

Naruto’s Bijuu Mode has been long coming as it could be Naruto’s Final Form. Naruto has gotten a lot stronger with Kurama by his side, as they are now more like friends then enemies.

During today’s episode we saw some serious ass kicking by Kurama and Naruto. You can read about Naruto 571 chapter by clicking Bijuu Mode vs 5 Tailed Beasts.

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  1. Novembre Pleut

    Hey do you know why there were two naruto’s in some of the panels, I didn’t get which one was him and which one wasn’t

    kuruma looks awesome though…

    and with his coat, he’s looking incredible.

    not sure it’s final form, but perhaps the last he will have for a forseeable amount of time.
    They’ve placed a timer on it so he can’t spam it.
    I guess the emphasis will be on surviving in that mode for as long as possible.
    I only wished there was more dialogue from kuruma with the others but i guess they wanted to get on with the fight, they can flesh it out in the anime


    1. Sunite

      If you look at the images above, you’ll see that Naruto does a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which then creates a clone, he then makes the clone go into Sage Mode to help him look for the 5 Rods.

      Ye with all the signs, Naruto and Kurama looks awesome!

      I’m sure the timer is temporary as his just starting to get the hang of the First Bijuu Transformation.. It’s like when Ichigo first opened his Hollow Mask, he had to train to use it for longer.., same concept here.

      Hopefully Kurama will talk more, he probably hasn’t talked to anyone in a long time, specially not Naruto… but since his starting to evolve and Naruto and Kurama both being more open to each other, he will definitely get more dialogue as time goes on…


      1. al

        Your colour version is amazing, but please you could you make a version with the nine chakra tails that are in the background in the original image? (I’m assuming he is going to have these tails all the time, as they were pre-transformation)


        1. Sunite

          Thank You, all the praise go to the artists of DeviantART… Also when the image is available, I will add them 🙂

          Yeh hopefully when Naruto has enough time to train with Karuma to get used to the Transformation then its possible he’ll be able to keep them all the time..


  2. Caitlin

    Awesome! Love how Naruto and Kurama are, like, comrades now instead of biting each other’s heads off all the time. They look so strong together, and the new form is amazing. Hope Naruto+Kurama can kick Akatsuki’s butts in this war.


    1. Sunite

      Hahah most of Akatsuki are dead, only surving members include Zetsu and Tobi, i think, so its not much of Akatsuki now but only them two…
      And yeh hopefully they will kick some ass!!


        1. Fabro Chitz

          hey remember that Hidan is still alive and just stuck on the forest with head alone. after battling with shikamaru. since he is some what immortal. thus, he can’t battle anymore. pity to him..


  3. Linus135

    I think part of the reason there is a 5 min limit timer on this mode is because Naruto had been using chakra with the other clones (Some in 9-tails mode) on the other battle fields. This I’m pretty sure will be remedied when Naruto is fully charged, but who knows 😛


  4. someguy

    ok this has bugged me for the past i don’t know, 100 chapters? When he learned Sage mode way back before Pain’s battle, he had to have a clone sit completely still to use multiple situations he’s been in sage mode with no clone concentrating to use nature energy. wtf? Feedback please 🙂


    1. Sunite

      That idea you’ve got has also been bugging me…
      I was just thinking about it properly… And what I thought was that with the clones, he was making them concentrate and achieve Sage Mode… Keeping them concentrated etc… Because to get it, Naruto has to train for a while to go into this mode…

      As you know, Naruto can create clones to train for him and when they blow up, Naruto gains some knowledge about the training…

      So For Naruto, since he cant concentrate… Naruto made 3 other Naruto’s to concentrate for him, when they blow up, Naruto gains the power as well as that concentration….

      This time round, Naruto doesn’t have to get clones because he can easily concentrate and enter sage mode… Its same for Bijuu Mode, it only happens for 5 minutes, until Kurama and Naruto train more, they can stay longer…..


      1. Linus135

        This also has been bothering me 😛 That’s a great theory you came up with Sunite and it makes sense. My personal theory is similar as in Naruto gets really good/fast at going into Sage mode. Basically he remains still, but only needs a second to go into sage mode and create a clone or do whatever.

        To me this makes sense because it follows what the frogs say about needing to be still and all that, only that Naruto is so skilled now that he needs less time being “still” and can use sage mode rapidly fast.

        But this is just my theory…bothersome question 😛


        1. Sunite

          That seems reasonable, since Naruto is quick at Sage Mode.. but i dont remember what the frogs said about needing to be still.. hmm, but i’ll take your word for it 😀


        2. Linus135

          Yea that’s what i saw in the episode where he starts to learn the basics of what sage mode is and stuff…episode 155. I don’t know what the manga says specifically, but the elder frog says, “Immobility” and something along the lines of stopping his flow as an animal and harmonizing with nature…good episode. 😀


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