Bijuu Mode vs 5 Tailed Beasts – Naruto 571

One of the most Epic Naruto Chapters in a long time. Finally Naruto and Kurama meld their chakra together to create the amazing Bijuu Mode. Then they both start to kick some ass all over the place, as well as saving Kakashi and Guy.

See Naruto’s Bijuu Mode Here.

We start with Naruto  and Kurama both joining together, with a hint of the new power at the first page. Killer Bee being surprised by what Naruto has achieved in such a short time.

At the moment where the 5 Tailed Beasts, which are the Two, Three, Five, Six and Seven Tailed Beasts all aimed their Bijuu Dama attack right at Kakashi and Guy. Out of desperation, Kakashi asks to use his Kamui to wipe them out, while Guy tells Kakashi he doesn’t have enough strength to do that technique. While Guy wants to open his Eight Gate, Kakashi calls him a fool as he will die after using that technique.

At this moment, Naruto flashes into the space and reflects all the Bijuu Dama’s out-of-the-way. During this time, Kakashi sees a figure with his Sharingan, which he says is his “Senpai”, Minato Namikaze, but in fact is Naruto within his Bijuu Mode. The movement was so quick that it was just like the Yellow Flash which Minato used.

At this quick moment while the 5 Tailed Beasts come, Naruto lets Kurama out to have some fun. He unleashes the power of the 9 Tailed Beast, which then smashes all 5 Tailed Beasts down as the Bijuu Transformation occurs. As the Transformation happens, Killer Bee becomes surprised that Naruto finally pulled of the Bijuu Transformation.

Both Kakashi and Guy wonder where have they gone, they suspect that they are inside the Nine Tails Chakra. Naruto creates a Shadow Clone to help him pinpoint the exact position where the rods are located within the bodies of the Tailed Beasts. Kurama warns Naruto that the Bijuu Transformation is not perfect therefore the time they can keep the transformation up is limited to around 5 minutes.

At this point, Kurama and Naruto start to kick some serious ass even at a disadvantage of 1 to 5. Currently, they want to find where all the rods are located, Naruto obviously wants to get the rods out and free everyone else. Tobi thinks “If I was planning on killing them, this wold be the perfect opportunity”  making me think that he has further plans for Naruto, such as using him for some dubious plan.

All 5 Tailed Beasts get together to make one ultimate Bijuu Dama which contains a horrendous amount of chakra which has been concentrated to have an even larger impact. We see that they create one passive Bijuu Dama which covers a large portion of the sky.

Naruto has not been able to successfully pull of a large enough Bijuu Dama. But here he try’s to make it large enough to counter attack the Bijuu Dama from the 5 Tailed Beasts. He does this and successfully launches the attack at the 5 Tailed Beasts, while they do the same.

Naruto 571 is probably one of my favorites Naruto Chapters with both action and story. Can’t believe Naruto has grown up from a little misbehaving kid to such an influential person to even get Kurama on his side. Damn, Naruto 572 is going to be another epic chapter.

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  1. boss

    biju mode naruto could butt fuck anyone in the naruto series like madara or the first Hokage but he can only stay for five in his new from so i think that gives sasuke an advantage if he is able to hold of this new form for atleast five minutes he has a chance


    1. Sunite

      Yeh thats true, but Im sure the fight wont happen until a lot of episodes have passed, hopefully Naruto would have controlled the amount of time he can keep the tranformation, then maybe Sasuke vs Naruto will happen..


    2. Jon Tracy S. Azuelo

      -.- the others next is naruto’s tailed beast state will use more than his chakra time this time cuz on first hasent mastered so the next and next an dadadadada he will fully atain all of it so sasuke will not have any chance on his susanoo to weaken naruto


  2. SenninKyuubi

    Read it so many times iv lost count. So good to see Kishi finally(!) giving us some epicness in whats so far felt like a rushed battle. Time to slow it down and showcase this battle over many many panels.

    Gotta say Kakashi mistaking Naruto in all his yellow flash glory for Minato made it. Bring it on. And were those tails coming from the bottom of Naruto’s sage cloak? Very very clever. And awesome. Just add the scroll, sennin mode mixed in to give the ‘+’ style eyes and I think he’s there.


  3. SenninKyuubi

    Btw Sunite you may have guessed I’m a first time commenter gotta say I love the page. Glad to see a site showcasing great fan art and narrative. I would never have found it had it not been for the pics. How does one sign up lol?


    1. Sunite

      Yup, noticed :D. Well there isn’t a way to sign up since its a blog and a lot different to something like a forum.. But you could Subscribe, top right, to receive posts via email when I do post 🙂 and awesome that u like the images.. 🙂
      That’d be cool


  4. Joe

    Hey guys, I’m just wondering when Naruto is in Bijuu mode, will he be in his human form and Kurama separately. like tag team style, or will it be like Bee, or did I miss something?

    But I love this mode, not now, but eventually I would love to see this combined with Sage mode, think we just got a small taste of that combination against the final Pain(Nagato), well, no taste, just glimpse!

    Cant wait to see what Sasuke’s got up his sleeve, and then of course his complete Susano!
    Its going to be epic! But Yes, I think we will have to cross many bridges till we see their confrontation. At least Naruto’s also stepped it up a notch!


    1. Sunite

      During Naruto’s Bijuu Mode Transformation, Naruto is within the head of the Kurama’s form, even i asked myself if they are separate or one, but then saw that there is just one.

      Yeh definitely, Naruto’s powers haven’t stopped upgrading.. Hopefully there is a lot left!


  5. Gold nagato

    Naruto and kurama melding their chakras together was a good idea but i dont think naruto will be able to defeat tobi alone





    1. Sunite

      Hmmm, it seems to me that Sasuke never trusted Tobi because of the Amaterasu which Itachi put onto Sasuke. When Sasuke looks at the face of Tobi, Amaterasu activates and aims for Tobi… If Sasuke goes to Tobi, Madara is also likely to go there…. and thus Naruto and Sasuke vs Tobi and Madara may happen! Hopefully they all confront each other like this and fight!!! 😀


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