White Dragneel! Spriggan Gathering – Fairy Tail 493

Fairy Tail 493 see’s August and Eileen meet up as he orders all members of the Spriggan to gather as the battle continues. August shoots down Mirajane using his ability, but Brandish secretly saves her by making her wounds smaller. Dimaria is captured when Rahkeid Dragneel (Larcade Dragneel) shows up to free and return her.

Fairy Tail 493 begins as Mirajane can feel the magic power that Eileen possesses, Eileen mentions that Mirajane seems to have done a lot to defeat her squad. Eileen swipes her hand which causes her swords to act as the dark one captures Mirajane onto a rock, and the other begins to burn through Mirajane’s skin.

Eileen mentions that first she shall  ruin her beautiful skin turning into nothing but a scar where people would intentionally have to look away. As Eileen continues to burn her with the poison, August shows up as he mentions that seems like she’s up to no good once again. It seems they’ve not seen each other in a while.

Brandish is also with him, as Eileen finds it hard to recognise her. August mentions that she’s gone ahead and used Universe One without Zeref’s permission, she replies by saying that with Acnologia against her, she had to use it to push him all the way out of their way, while bringing Zeref to Fairy Tail.

August mentions that the Twelve Spriggan shall gather and go to Zeref’s side. Eileen doesn’t want to at this point, but August forces her by mentioning that as the General of the Spriggan 12, she has to abide. Mirajane looks upon them and realises that their power is so great, that she cannot compare. Eileen mentions that she still has Mirajane to deal with.

Out of nowhere, we see August point at her and unleash a beam a light that strikes her down. August mentions that he has pierced her heart, and if killing her will suffice Eileen’s taste. Mirajane falls and bleeds on the ground, Eileen is happy enough to follow his orders now. We meet up with Sorana, Elfman and Yukino.

Yukino mentions that Sorano is her big sister, but Sorano denies this as she has her own journey where she must face the demons and bad things she has done in order to become a better human being. After that, she promises to come to her little sister and give her the biggest hug. Therefore, Yukino must face a little more of her big sister doing her own thing for now.

We see Mirajane on the ground where Lisanna gets to her. Mirajane coughs up a bit of blood, she gets up and looks down at her chest, she notices that the wound by August was made much smaller, it seems that Brandish has helped out Mirajane here. Mirajane quickly tells Lisanna that the Twelve are gathering and that they need to go help Mavis.

We see Dimaria on the ground as she’s also tied up, she is near a bridge with two other guys who are dragging her as their prisoner. However, out of nowhere, a light appears from them as someone chants where it pulls out their spirits and sends them away, it seems to feel good for them. The man has come for her, he is Rahkeid Dragneel (other translations: Larcade Dragneel), he is one of the Spriggan 12. Fairy Tail 493 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like the think about Rahkeid being a Dragneel is sure surprising, but we’ll have to see what happens next and how he’s connected to Natsu and Zeref. Anyways, I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 494, titled “The Hill Extending Towards Tomorrow”, should be good, can’t wait.

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  1. rise

    Not related to this chapter, but I read a fan theory on YouTube saying what if erza was actually a sword with an enchantment just like the two other chick Mira took out. That would be the biggest plot twist ever, since erza was born we no name


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