Kushina Uzumaki the Orange Spark – Naruto Shippuden 246

What a truly emotional episode that was! Naruto finally meets his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. He finds out how both his father, Minato Namikaze, and mother, Kushina Uzumaki, feel in love with each other.

We start with the episode in a bit where Naruto finishing off his hit of the Sage Art: Super Giant Rasengan. The hit was successful but Kurama had blocked it with his tail and quickly attacked. Out of no where, Naruto pulls Kurama and flips him over, at this point, Naruto sends Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken which hits perfectly on Kurama’s belly.

Naruto then starts to pull out Kurama’s Chakra but unfortunately fails as Kurama starts to send his own chakra which is full of hatred. As Naruto becomes distracted, half of Naruto turns into Dark Naruto. The background fades and a voice sounds.

This particular voice is from a woman called Kushina Uzumaki, The Orange Spark, which is revealed to be Naruto’s Mother! Finally Naruto meets his mother! While Naruto “has something in his eye”, he quickly hugs Kushina, as he always wanted to do this before.

Naruto first starts off by complimenting Kushina’s Red Hair color which as she mentions, Naruto is the second person to do so, and first being Minato. She starts off by telling Naruto how she and Minato fell in love.

They were both still very young, when one night,Kushina was kidnapped by Hidden Cloud due to her having special kind of chakra. As they took Kushina by foot, she was able to leave a trail of her red hair, so someone could come and find her. Fortunately, Minato was able to follow them and take all three of them out.

As Kushina sees what Minato has done, she finds out that she has been saved, she falls to the ground and Minato quickly catch’s her. Minato saves Kushina and carries her back to the village. He says that he was able to find her due to her beautiful red hair. She blushes and since no one has ever told her that she was amazing in body and spirit, she find that Minato is a great ninja in her eyes, and he was the man of her dreams, as well as changing her to grow her hair longer instead of hating her red hair.

Naruto becomes really happy to hear how his parents both fell in love, as well as being told that his mother loves him, which was a great accomplishment on his part as he’s never seen his parents before, or being told that someone loves him. Naruto also mentions that he will accomplish Kushina’s dreams by becoming Hokage, which hopefully he will become. Here the episode ends with a high.

This Naruto Shippuden 246, was greatly emotional as he now knows who his parents are as well as hearing how they both fell in love. However Naruto Shippuden 247 will be even better as Naruto will find out what exactly happened 16 years ago during Naruto’s Birth, he will learn about how both his parents where sealed inside him as well as Kurama, Nine Tailed Fox, and finally learn about the first time Tobi showed up.

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  1. SenninKyuubi

    What a let down. I wanted to see the initial fight between Naruto and Kyuubi last longer however all I got was a carbon copy of the manga. Why does the anime always fail to expand the good parts of the manga?!?! I forever seem to be consistently disappointed. I long for the writer who gave us the Hinata vs Pain / 6 tailed Naruto vs pain episodes. They were something.

    And the worst part… They DID add new scenes, albeit lame awkward-to-watch scenes about hair pulling, instead of focusing on what us, the fan (I’m going out on a limb here speaking for everyone…) wanna see. Shame on you, anime storyboarders, shame on you.

    Hopefully next weeks conclusion (so rushed) will give us more depth to what should be an epic clash. Fingers crossed.


    1. Sunite

      Next week it’s going to be a lot better then this weeks episode, it will be about how during Naruto’s birth, he became the Jinchuuriki and how his parents were sealed within Naruto… Also explains a little about Tobi, etc.. 🙂

      The thing about the Naruto animators I most hate is that they can make Naruto or any other character run properly… Or walk for that matter… They usually spend more time on the good fights and then just slack during the other important bits like now lol


  2. SenninKyuubi

    I just wish the animators showed some interest in the story they’ve been given! And I’ve gotta say commenting isn’t easy using an iPad lol I can’t scroll up to see what I’m typing :-/


    1. Sunite

      Yup, for example in Bleach and One Peice.. The animators work really hard on them.. But within Naruto, I think they should work a little more on their anime episodes
      Loool sorry about that, I think the theme may by a little different different on tablets..


  3. SenninKyuubi

    Weirdly never got into either. I’m all about Naruto and Fairy Tail. The anime for Fairy Tail is like the complete opposite to Naruto, it achieves something I long for in Naruto – expansion of chapter panels together with new, detailed, lengthy battles. Plus each chapter / episode is just so well written and drawn its hard not to love it.

    Btw just signed up with the WordPress thingy but can’t seem to post comments as me lol. I assume this comment is untagged due to the ability to read this comment as I type!!


    1. Sunite

      Yeh, iv also just started to watch the Fairy Tails episodes, on episode 4 or 5 I think…

      Hmm, If you sign up to wordpress, i think it means you have to make a blog to go with that account… As well as a post…. And im sure its not possible to sync the comments with the account…


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