Kurama, Let’s Go! – Naruto 570

What an epic Naruto 570 chapter that was. Naruto finally lets the dogs out, Son the four tails has released and then absorbed by Tobi’s (Masked Man) jutsu.

We start the episode where we left off last time, which was when Naruto was trying to remove the stake from Son’s skin. The stake is completely out, but Son doesn’t seem to have full control of himself. At the moment the Naruto pulls out the stake, Tobi, releases a large unknown technique which is above Tobi.

As Naruto goes back to where Son’s spirit is located, there is still one more chain left. Naruto asks why his chains haven’t disappeared. Son comes to the conclusion that what Naruto had done wasn’t nothing more than useless. Angry Naruto switches on Son saying that he wanted to save Son. That stake was just a temporary way to bind my chakra to the Jinchuuriki’s Body.

Son’s plan was all along to release the Jinchuuriki’s Body at a convenient time, until Tobi sucked Son back into him using his technique. Son had asked Naruto to put his hand out, they both fist bump, during this time, they both transfer energy from Son to Naruto. Tobi’s technique quickly activates and sucks the Four-Tails like a meat-ball. And at this moment, Roshi’s body falls down, with no stake through his heart.

At this quick moment, both Kakashi and Guy are fighting 5 Tailed-Beasts, as seen in the images above. Naruto at his limit, Kurama tells Naruto that he is able to lend him his power. Kurama puts his hands forward so Naruto could fist bump it, Naruto fist bumps and it all begins from here. Both concentrate from here and chakra is transferred from Kurama to Naruto.

At this point, as Naruto trusts Kurama for lending him his power, so Naruto opens the seal slowly so Naruto could gain full power. “You aren’t a monster fox anymore. You’re one of my teammates from the leaf village” says Naruto to Kurama. Naruto’s is fully disabled and is the doors open! “Kurama, Now Let’s Go!!!” Says Naruto. At this point, both Naruto and Kurama trust each other quite a lot.

What a fantastic chapter this has been! Kurama is finally out, and Naruto let the dogs out! I can’t wait for next weeks Naruto 571 featuring next week.  I really want to see the damage both Naruto and Kurama can do whilst his full form has been released.

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