Toshiro, Zaraki, Byakuya vs Gerard! Fighting Together – Bleach 671

Bleach 671 covers all three Shinigami’s, Toshiro, Zaraki and Byakuya as they all fight against Gerard. While Toshiro uses his abilities in his new Adult-Body, he freezes Gerard in an effort to stop him but escapes quickly. This is when Zaraki and Byakuya step in to defeat him all at once. Byakuya even uses his Bankai in order to pierce through Gerard.

Bleach 671 begins as Toshiro talks to Byakuya telling him that once all the ice flowers falls, this is when his Daiguren Hyourinmaru will be complete. His power is still not mature enough to use Hyourinmaru to it’s fullest potential. It seem as he matured, so did his own body. He even mentions that he’s not a fan of his adult self either.

Gerard asks who he is, he mentions his name as Gerard goes on to further mention that he’s already released his Bankai so this must be some sort of transformation. Either way, it’s how it should have been. He is better suited to be his opponent. Gerard attacks but misses as Toshiro just moves around.

Gerard throws his shield but Toshiro just freezes it. Gerard then swings his sword but Toshiro just cuts it in half. Gerard mentions that him even touching his Hoffnung will cut himself. But Toshiro mentions that once it has been frozen, it’s function will cease to activate. His hope will be suspended. Next up, Gerard goes on to use his own Quincy Bow in order to attack against Toshiro.

But out of nowhere, we see Toshiro use his own power when he uses his Shikai Hyouketsu. He can freeze all matter before him, including Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. He is able to use it within three seconds. However, Gerard quickly escapes and grabs onto the body of Toshiro. He mentions that he cannot be imprisoned by the likes of a Shinigami, and thus he shall crush him.

However, Zaraki gets up and grabs onto the foot of Gerard. Seems like Zaraki has gained his consciousness and able to use his powers. Further to this, we see Toshiro gain wings and mentions that he won’t be able to do anything as he keeps on unleashing his powers upon Gerard as it continuous to freeze.

Whilst he tries to get up, we see him even more frozen. Out of nowhere, he’s surrounded by a thousand swords when we see and hear Senki Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Ougi, Ikka Senjinka. The thousands of swords surrounding Gerard eye up on Gerard as they begin their wild and savage dance. Bleach 671 ends here.

A wonderful chapter if I say so myself. Seems like all three are fighting together in their own way. Trying to push against Gerard is exhausting for all three, but they seem to be going in the right direction when it comes to defeating them. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see what Gerard comes up with next against these three in next week’s Bleach 672.

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  1. trinin ninja

    Some favorite parts of this chapter for me: toshiro’s speech about freezing hope, zaraki’s return, and byakuya’s new technique. I’m surprised that byakuya actually used all the swords to attack gerard (he never used this against ichigo). I don’t see how that is going to stop gerard though but maybe it will provide an opening for someone else besides byakuya to finish him.

    P.S. Still waiting for Aizen’s bankai.


  2. thetaicho

    I could not help but notice how Hitsugaya’s wings looked exactly like that guy in the Diamond Dust Rebellion. My supposition is since the guy ( same zanpakuto) said he was using The full power of Hyourinmaru’s, maybe we shall Hitsugaya able to turn into an ice dragon soon. Hopefully. #fantasy.


      1. rahmaru

        i think those three would facing a huge surprise and definitely getting a big problem from Gerard..Hitsugaya freeze Gerard and if Kuchiki piercing him with his thousand swords, Gerard will shattered into pieces of ice.. as we know Gerard cannot freeze by Hitsugaya’s ice for less of one minute and we know that the more cuts he received, he become more powerful.. so i think the only way to defeat him is they need to use some magical power such like kido or else because the only way for you to countering magical power is by using another magic power..


  3. Paddyz

    I think if were cut into pieces and still frozen Gerald can’t regenerate himself but I think Gerald hasn’t show the part that he was the heart of soul king


  4. josephbhwanah

    Epic chapter, & finally, Toshiro lives to the hype, im glad his transformation falls from something i explained a chapter ago, & the interesting part is even with this transformation(bankai maturity), he still doesnt think he can use the full extent of his zanpaktou’s power, I always thought Hyourinmaru was one of the most powerful zanpaktou if not the most powerful. I rewatched the filler arc “The invading army” the other day & in the battle between Hitsugaya & his zanpaktou, Hyourinmaru barely recognized HItsugaya as his master, he also said whoever was going to will him is going to be the most powerful soul-reaper & he didnt believe Hitsugaya was that Soul reaper since it barely knew him(just goes to show how hitsugaya hasnt yet mastered or used his power to a point where his zanpaktou spirit barely knew him)

    It warms the heart to see Zaraki still has a fight in him(Its so like him, i wouldnt expect any less from the current kenpachi, shows his strong will to fight yet again!)

    So Byakuya too went bankai! Well, It was only a matter of time, & its execution could have been played any better, i was actually vouching for something like this to happen given how gerald’s power works & given Toshiro & Byakuya where to battle him(Toshiro freezes & Byakuya shreds the ice), im glad Kubo kept Byakuya’s bankai traditional as always & appreciated the fact that we have seen it a couple of times & know all its moves to make it seem any more special by leaving it for the last panel

    @trinin, that move Byakuya used isnt knew, he said in the battle at SS arc wen battling Ichigo as he was using “Senkei” that Ichigo should relax since he wasnt going to use all swords to attack him, more so, it is a form he use to a few that he desires to kill them with his own hand, as he called only upon only one sword & use it to fight Ichigo head on & we see later as their progressed that he called upon another one & stabbed Ichigo on his foot before he used kido, its a new move in a sense we havent seen it being used by Byakuya but its something byakuya already had.

    I dont know if this is all it takes to defeat Gerald, I wouldnt be surprised if he bounces back even after this assault but again, i wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt either since like “Hoffnung” his miracles might have been suspended before Byakuya chopped him to pieces( thats if the miracle power is even still operational as became gigantic) but again, this guy is also bragging about being a god, he might have another form or power to counter this, im really open up to anything happening here, but all & all, it was an epic chapter, cant wait for the next chapter! bleach has had a good run lately…

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  5. trinin ninja

    I was also shocked at how powerful toshiro became. He was able to completely cut through gerard’s “sword of hope” while zaraki was only able to nick gerard’s sword with his shikai, which destroyed a meteor!


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Yup, no Bleach this week. Makes us wonder if Gerard is dead or not. I believe he isn’t dead but you never know. I feel like the blood Quincy cross is his heart is his weakness.


        1. trinin ninja

          It’s pretty obvious that Gerard is not yet defeated. He has to show at least one or two more devastating moves and then the good guys will show their new techniques too. Then Gerard will be defeated. This is just Kubo’s way of doing things.


  6. nickdunnaquatic

    I don’t know if this is confirmed or not, but the next chapter is titled “Son of Darkness.” Or something similar to that. It is possible Gerard is defeated or Kubo just wanted to show someone else. Yhwach did call Ichibei his son born in darkness when he revealed that Masaki was a Quincy. So maybe we’ll see Ichigo and Orihime. Or it may show Uryu and how he’s doing against Jugram.


    1. Sunite

      I’d like to see how Uryu is doing, he’s basically sacrificing himself for this cause and it’s like meh :S He deserves a bigger part, I think he’ll get it soon enough.


          1. nickdunnaquatic

            Logically, Jugram. But we don’t know what Uryu’s A is. It could be a weaker version of The Almighty. I also heard Bleach spoilers were out on mangahelpers. It summarizes what happens in chapter 672. And if it’s true, the chapter sounds amazing.


            1. Sunite

              I’d say Jugram would win too, I actually forgot Uryu will “inherit” A’s power, but then again it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon, or maybe, it’s already happened. Just had a brief look at mangehelpers, seems like Golden Week will hold the chapter out of our hands for a while longer. But younkouproducts says Ichigo meets Yhwach, and Orihime has a few moments here a there. Even other websites have their spoilers which map it out for everyone. I’ll be sure to write something tomorrow if I get the time (currently got a masters report/presentation to prepare for)


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