Watch Kuromukuro (Anime)

Kuromukuro follows the story of Yukina Shirahane, she is just an average girl when she opens up a ancient artefact. During the construction of the Kurobe Dam, the artefact was discovered in which the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute was established. After a swarm of robotic aliens show up, the artefact opens revealing a lone samurai who has been trapped for a very long time.

Kuromukuro Poster

This anime actually is quite unique in how it sets out, it’s definitely another mecha-anime. However, the premise is quite different with the whole in stasis and somehow waking up in 2016. Nevertheless, it seems like it might be a good turn out. If you’d like to check Kuromukuro out, go ahead and click the link below:

Watch Kuromukuro (END SUB)

If you’ve already been watching this series, or have any other comments to provide, go ahead in the comment section below. Otherwise go ahead and share this page with other people.

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