Bleach Anime will be Back!

Final Arc The Thousand-Year Blood WarIt been a few weeks since the great Bleach Anime had been cancelled. Some say that Bleach will be back but others have lost hope on the anime and started reading the manga.

The last aired Bleach 366 episode featured an immense battle between the first and second substitute shinigami’s! They fought an amazing battle but ultimately Ichigo regained his Shinigami powers with the help of the captains and Rukia and beat Ginjo. Ichigo had mentions to Rukia that they’ll possibly see each other again at a different time.

The show that replaced Bleach, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden, seems to only have a few episode within it with a few manga chapters, which could hint at the fact that it’s going to end pretty soon. After its end, Bleach is likely to restart. Personally I want Tite Kubo to take as much time as he needs to use it to perfect all the story plots and fix the plot holes.

Bleach is possibly the second best Anime series, after Naruto, which is still being aired after its 10 year-long run. Therefore it has to come back with an even better story because this is now its Final Arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War!

Tell me what you guys think about this in the comments below,  also include when you think Bleach will be back. Here’s what happened.

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  1. Johannes

    It’s just a matter of time. Personally, I think the anime will be back in 2-3 years with a lot of manga chapters ready to be animated. And who knows, maybe we’ll get a movie or an OVA in the meantime.

    1. Sunite

      Your suggest of a movie is just brilliant! I want to see a final movie with this too!! Hopefully it’s not as late as 2 to 3 years.. maybe 1 to 2 would be more appropriate?

      1. Johannes

        It all depends on Kubo’s pacing. But I’d rather wait 3 years and get some exceptional quality than wait 1 years and run into fillers again. But I guess fillers are better than nothing xD

        1. Sunite

          Hmm, I guess your correct. If you actually think about it, writing a years worth of manga chapters (around 52) and three years worth (around 156) are somewhat the same because he plans to do the same.
          I know that even coordinating the anime is hard, thats why he has the anime team to do it properly for him. So technically there is no difference between the two…

  2. dreager1

    Isn’t it a little soon to say it’ll likely come back? At this point it seems the anime’s gone. It’ll probably come back as an OVA or something

    1. Sunite

      It’s actually the perfect timing, the anime has been gone for a while now and there needs to be some good news to report. Plus on top of that, a lot of trusted sources say that it’s likely to come back.
      Hopefully it doesn’t come as a OVA but an actual story because that’s what I and most others want.

      1. dreager1

        OVA’s have actual stories. They are anime except much higher budget and usually better in every way. As for the sources…..well I guess that’s something. Otherwise, you’re not just speculating all of this are you?

        1. Sunite

          Personally, I feel that OVA are just too short for me, and have little to no meaning except for a good fight or two. A lot of what you hear on the internet, specially by large members of forums and blogs are usually 50/50 right/wrong. So it could be correct, but it could also be incorrect. But the stories point towards there being a Anime in the future. My question presently is when that’ll be…

          1. dreager1

            OVA’s usually are short, but the story and meaning is exactly the same as if it were an anime. Only difference is that it’s more true to the manga and not as censored or as toned down. So you’re sources are from forums and blogs? I’m still leaning towards the no more bleach anime side

            1. Sunite

              Yes, but would prefer a episode of 21 mins or an OVA of 10 mins? Which one do you think has more of an impact. The OVA may be more true to the manga, less censored and less toned down, but it has no real appeal to it. It’s just a 10 minute thing.. you watch it and get on with your life. You’d want there to be some kind of impact to it, so personally I’d like to see anime episodes. And yes, there’s a lot of noise behind the walls of many forums and blogs, the high level bloggers and forum members seem to post here and there about Bleach Anime coming back. Plus Bleach is too great of an anime to just be regarded useless for a TV Station such as TV Tokyo, Bleach has been with them for more then 10 years now and they deserve respect because Bleach’s fan wont go away so quickly, they will bring Bleach Anime back even if it takes around 2 to three years as stated in the above comments.

      2. Amer

        Yeah well, it’s been 2 years already since you post this. I love Bleach and can’t wait for it to come back, but I just don’t know when will that happen.

    2. mike

      Nah it wont come back as an OVA, Bleach is way too popular to be picked up by another animation company for OVA.. And anyway the Final Arc is much too long to cover with a limited OVA budget. It will be back once the Manga has progressed and Kubo feels is the best time after a good amount of anticipation has built up… A perfect strategy in my opinion.

      1. Sunite

        It’s one of the big 3! Of course there are stations out there wanting to work with such a massive anime! and agree! Manga is being written as quick as possible to move on forward to the anime when enough time has passed…

      2. dreager1

        @Mike Um…you do know that Kenshin was way, way, way more popular than Bleach ever was right? And it never got an anime to finish it, they had to use an OVA. Kenshin’s probably still more popular than Bleach at any rate

  3. dreager1

    Wait, let’s back up here. Who said OVA’s were 10 minutes? Most are the same length as an episode, some longer. If they did one for Bleach it’d be just as long as an anime. It’s the same in every way just better quality and more true to the manga. I still don’t know why you think anime are more emotional

    1. Sunite

      Lol, I haven’t seen as many OVA’s as you have, 10 minutes just seemed like an proper number because the latest Naruto OVA was around 13 minutes. The thing with OVA’s, they may have the best quality and be true to the manga, but they may miss out a whole chunck of the manga itself. For example, The Lost Substitute Shinigami was around 20 episodes long and possibly around 60 chapters long, if i remember correctly. Do you think an OVA would be able to collectively show those 20 episodes in 1 OVA? It’s unlikely, plus I know that they can make individual OVA’s for different battles/stories for the manga. This would just be useless because the fans themselves will get confused because a lot of them don’t read manga and prefer episodes. They may watch an OVA and wonder who one of the characters is or whats occuring, and the only for them to know is to google search it or actually read the manga… I would read, but a lot of people don’t bother and would just leave Bleach, unwilling to read up on the characters or possibly ever follow Bleach. Therefore it’s just better for episodes to be shown weekly rather then OVA which have big time plot holes… It’s practical and just ultimately better for everyone, even if it takes a long time.

      1. dreager1

        But you’re acting like the OVA is one 20 minute episode. It can go on for as long as an anime. Like I said the only difference is that the animation will be far better and it won’t be on TV. Aside from that it’s better than an anime in every way

        1. AlphaJade

          There are OVA longer than 30 minutes and sometimes reach 40 m like Hellsing ultimate, what matters the most is that there will be action AND a bit of romance to spice things up if there will be an OVA, Ichigo act like a Dunce when it comes to romance even with all the hotties with him in the manga and anime, I hope they do something about that.

          Looks like we’ll all end up following the manga (not that I mind, it’s more detailed though I miss the sound effects and background music with it) after the anime REALLY ends *sigh*

          1. Anon1234

            After reading these old post I was gonna suggest the same thing about Hellsing Ultimate except one major change to it which in ultimate it changed the story prob more to the manga while the other goes off into some wierd plot of WTF madness.

      1. dreager1

        But that’s mostly random people who are just making total guessed. I think you should retitle this post to I hope Bleach comes back or something. It’s a bit misleading

        1. Sunite

          I didn’t just take random’s people opinions, i’ve been looking into multiple blogs and forums from small to large like i said above lol, they usually have topics about this too, and most of them usually talk about it coming back. All I’m doing is trying to gather their opinions and delivering it to you. And I’m pretty sure that Bleach is likely to come back even if they take a while, it will be back. Plus I did mention in the post above that a lot of people have lost hope on the anime, like yourself, and now read the manga.

          1. dreager1

            Yes, but all they are is opinions. It’s not like any of them are high ranking officials in Japan. They have no clue about what’s gonna happen. They’re just being optimistic

            1. Sunite

              That’s true, and true again.. :) None of us are high ranking officials, not me nor you. So we don’t really have anything to say if its going to be OVA’s or episodes. But the opinion of others and mines also and yours too is what this post is about. It describes what most of us wants, while others have given up and now only read the manga. I’ve recently got one of my mates to read the Final Arc (Thousand-Year Blood War) Arc, there’s currently around 10 chapters. He found it epic, he even told me that the anime has to come back to explain this in animation. Plus he doesn’t read manga, this is he’s first because he doesn’t want to spoil it for himself.

                1. Sunite

                  Lool, the title for this post is a quote from what i’ve seen circulating around the web, so im really sorry, but i don’t think I can change it… plus it’s such a powerful statement right now that everyone feel, because it’s what most bleach fans are saying…

    1. Sunite

      I’m sorry dude, I would but I rarely change the title of posts because it messes up with other stuff such as search engines and bookmarks etc..
      Also it’s not as misleading as you think because the title is basically a type of quote.

  4. KrayZ

    I’ll tell you what I think. Naturo is garbage. Bleach is the best. Naruto is for little ass kids. Ohh I’m a ninja and that’s all. Boring. Peace

    1. Sunite

      Haha, yeah, Naruto was marketed at kids, but now it’s being driven to more dark and mysterious place because of Shippuden and the war. Bleach is awesome! it’s never changed and is awesome from the first episode!

  5. mike

    People here are just getting a little carried away. Yes NO ONE here knows for sure if Bleach will even return, BUT, most intelligent people realize that this Final Arc of the Bleach series will be completed eventually because the possible revenue it could generate after a long hiatus is immeasurable. Bleach has a HUGE fanbase and if Bleach were to come back in a year or so After the Manga has progressed pretty far, I’m sure that they will take advantage of the anticipation of all the fans. But who knows, it possible they could over shoot it and the popularity or Bleach could fade and if that happens we may never see Bleach in Animation form again. I think the probability of that is low though. I mean Hunter X Hunter for example was fa less popular than Beach and after many years it came out with a new version and the hype was pretty large. I mean the sales of HxH are very big right now and the ratings are also high. So if HxH can do it, just imagine Bleach. LOL. We all just have to be patient and wait it out.

    1. Sunite

      I’ve heard about HxH quite a lot, need to watch it. Plus Bleach is very likely to come back you just need to stay positive. Completely agree with what you said!

  6. zeago

    I bloody hope they do bring it back, im putting off watching the last 2 episodes because i don’t want it to end. I have enjoyed every episode including the fillers so i do not mind them.

    1. Sunite

      Agree, the last two episodes are epic!! They are awesome, If I was you, I wouldn’t be able to wait like you, i’d just watch them and wait till it comes back.

      1. thebum

        possibly, the story line they ended with finished the story they were on so maybe just maybe, unfortuanly we will never know till something happens

  7. rahul

    Love bleach but sadly it has to end. I do watch a lot of other animes but bleach was my first and is my number 1 favorite anime. I guess i’ll just re-watch whenever I get the chance. Though I appreciate ur optimism it still stings to know the end is near. Probably will last 7-10 years but who knows. I am curious why Tite Kubo just want’s to end it all of a sudden. GREAT STORY THOUGH.

  8. Sandra Gregg

    I really hope that the anime will be back soon, but not too soon, need to be done right. This is a perfect time to dub that ova that was never done. Sealed Sword Frenzy, watch it many times in Japanese. Also, another movie wouldn’t hurt either. There was only one movie played in U.S. theaters, that really sucked. I loved seeing Bleach Memories of No One at the theater. Bleach can’t end like this. The new stuff in the manga now, is way better than all of previous stuffs, and that’s saying a lot! I would hate for Bleach to fall like other great animes like Kekkashi, D-Gray man, NANA, and Fruit Baskets! It should be a crime to not finish great animes like these.

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, like I’ve said to other awesome fans, I’ll say to you, just keep on supporting Bleach by reading the manga as well as doing anything else there is to support them :D I’d hate for another great series to just be halted and stopped because that would be a shame!!

    2. VKai

      I totally agree with u on this it should be a crime to let great anime end without ever finishing what is out there in the manga… I hope fairy tail starts soon as well but that one i’m pretty sure will once the manga moves further…

  9. KDrake

    JUST became a fan of BLEACH. JUST!!! Downloaded all the episodes from 1 to 366. Damned shame if it’s not coming back! BLEACH!!!! BLEACH!!! BLEACH!!!!

  10. Gozim__(Nigeria)

    This sucks, i was so so looking forward to its DEFINITE comeback this year,and how Bleach as we know it ENDS. But, it looks like that aint gonna happen….Do u tink those guyz who started off with Bleach in its first year are/were still crazy about it till the 10th year?….Am just saying…Bleach was my thing in my high school and college days but i fear after now finishing college, the thought of me still watching animes might be frowned upon and this idea of pushing it 2-3 years forward aint helping matters….my worst nightmare is to wake up one morning 2-3 years from now and findout bleach and Naruto was jst a silly PHASE in ma life….:D

    1. Sunite

      Lol, I totally agree, it’s not silly at all, there are plently of people who like bleach, especially since it’s not targetted towards kids, it’s more a teen and adults show… It may come back, there’s been a lot of stuff mentioning that it’s going to be back this year but i hope not because I want the manga to keep on going so the episodes have a lot of space and get lots of info out that way too…

      1. ichigo2

        I know this is off topic, but how did u like the new art style. I personally liked the onld one they had past episode 300.

  11. Mark

    HUH… !?!?! did they say “weeks”… it been like years since bleach cancelled, and I’m soooooooooooooooooo exicite though. But does anyone know in what day will Bleach be back???

  12. geo92

    its not coming back any time soon and its not sure that it will come back.. and if the anime starts again it will do it after the manga ends or it is close to the end…

  13. Ry860

    Bleach rocks no doubt n this was misleading…as far as coming back its unlikely..i would have left the fans that message cuz ppl would be talking O i can’t wait n goin sick..i wish it would but im doubting it and gotta feeling after so long it’d lose its touch diff voice cast etc…But look at claymore the fact they didn’t put out a season to bums me out…and yeah ovas are usually long that ive watched like hellsing deadman wonderland and high school of the dead etc…naruto needs to stop wit the fillers though i never finished fairy tail but im gonna now…check out psycho pass and magi of the labyrinth both were good

    1. Sunite

      This post was written a while ago, it’s no doubt that it may seem misleading, and I agree with what you’ve said, it’s true that a lot of anime’s have been left unfinished. They need to go back and finish them properly…

  14. srana8

    i’ve been putting off reading the manga in the hopes that bleach will come back on soon… if the final arc is so interesting and stuff like some of u said i wanna know if its about to finish cause if is i am so reading it i cant wait anymore!!

    1. Sunite

      No, lol it’s no where near finishing, there is still so much left for Bleach, not a lot has been explained, there is still so much for example backgrounds of people as well as their shikai and bankai to be revealed. So if you can’t wait, I suggest you read :P if you can wait a while and don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop yourself from reading. If you do want to read, Bleach manga 479/480 is the place.

  15. Anon1234

    anyway yeah if you want another episode give me a HELL YEAH!!!!!!…………

    ……. oh yeah that’s right I’m anonymous……… Damn T_T

  16. Sode no Shirayuki

    I have been waiting for months for bleach to come back on air. In the end I decided to read manga about what happens next. And it’s as addicting as usual. I don’t understand how the number of viewers has gone low in Japan. From what I’ve read till chapter 572 in manga. If Mr. Kubo will produce more episodes after 366 I’m damn sure it would surpass all expectations and the other animae like Naruto. I hope it would come back soon. I’m dying to see the video of ichigo getting new zangetsu and bankai. And not to forget rukia in her bankai.

    1. YOUR!!

      I’ve heard that Bleach will come back in 2015 according to Tite Kubo. I just don’t know what month yet and it’s 2015 already! Tite Kubo better not be lying.

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