Kabuto kills Itachi during Izanami Release!? – Naruto 585

After some time waiting, Naruto 585 has finally been released and it’s not a dip into Kabuto’s past, even better! The fight between Sasuke and Itachi versus Kabuto continues as Kabuto fights back even harder proving that he’s able to kick some Uchiha ass. The Izanami is also nearly released by Itachi but Kabuto somehow attacks with such speed that it splits Itachi’s body in half! It seems as though it’s all over.

Kabuto continues talking from the chapter before. He continues to explain that he doesn’t want their sermons, but the ability and data on Itachi. He tells Itachi that Itachi is a shinobi from the Konoha, a descendant of the famed Uchiha Clan. He stores many secrets and has also stopped multiple wars, plus he also possess many powerful jutsu’s and abilities such as the Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi had possessed those things in order to create himself, therefore there is no better target for he’s Edo Tensei. “My Pawns are my Power, Plain and Simple” explains Kabuto.

Kabuto is then told by Itachi that he is overestimating him because of he’s failures. Kabuto denies it and tells him that he envy’s the name Uchiha as it shows ones roots and ties. Therefore taking such as name as Uchiha would have no meaning, that’s having it when born means much more says Itachi. Kabuto shouts at him it does have a meaning.

Kabuto quickly starts doing hand seals, Sasuke asks Itachi why he can’t kill him because he’s been taking initiative. The facts are that Kabuto is still in control of the battlefield and all the soldiers who are under the control of the Edo Tensei. Sasuke asks when the Izanami will be ready, Itachi responds that it will take a little more time.

Out of Kabuto’s belly comes out a few characters which help Kabuto, although the these shinobi’s are tied to Kabuto, but can’t really move. Sakon-Souma No Jutsu and Jiroubou Doton Doroku Gaeshi are said by Kabuto. Kabuto tells Itachi and Sasuke, if you want to know who you are, father up al the date you can in the world and you’ll find out who you really are.

A spider-like ninja appears, he sends a Kidoumaru Kumo Soukai (Meaning Spider Nest Open) Jutsu which covers the whole surrounding of both Itachi and Sasuke. They then use Amaterasu which burns the strong web. Another character opens and releases he’s jutsu, Kimimaro Shikotsu Myaku Sawarabi No Mai (Meaning Dance of the Seedling Fern) which closes the back point of Itachi and Sasuke, so they can’t move back.

Sasuke tells Itachi to get the back and Sasuke the front and to use their Susanoo to eliminate the objects at the front and back. Sasuke uses he’s Enton-Kagut-Suchi. One of the characters who is held by Kabuto create a flute type object, the character changes once more and the characters starts to play the flute. Tayuya Mateki Mugen Onsa (Meaning Demonic Flute – Phantom Sound Chains).

At this point, they see themselves trapped in such a world that the snakes hole them making them unable to escape. Sasuke suggests its Genjutsu, Kabuto tells them that even the powerful Susanoo cannot block sound. Kabuto then releases one more person, Orochimaru, he reminds Sasuke that he’s seen he’s current form before. Itachi butts in to tell him that he’s never going to be able to be just like he’s master, Orochimaru. Itachi reminds him that because he’s trying to lie and deceive himself he’s going to fail. At this point the face of Orochimaru itself goes quickly towards Itachi and Sasuke.

As it get’s closer, Itachi tells Sasuke to look into he’s eyes. Genjutsu Sharingan Tsukuyomi! Out of nowhere, Sasuke and Itachi both hold the head of Orochimaru and try to go for the kill. Itachi tells both of them that he will enter Izanami now. From the mouth of Orochimaru’s face, Kabuto comes out and within a few milliseconds he cuts Itachi in half! They are both shocked at how fast Kabuto is. As he cuts Itachi, he says that he wants to be himself! There’s no way Itachi and Sasuke who’ve had everything could understand. At this point Tears start to come out of Kabuto’s eyes. Naruto 585 ends here.

That was possibly one of the best chapters I’ve seen between these three shinobi’s! Kabuto is amazingly powerful to have cut Itachi in half! But to me it seems as though he casted he’s Sharingan before which could mean that Kabuto is already under Itachi’s jutsu, and the cut he made to Itachi was not the real kill. I’m sure that Itachi will kick Kabuto’s ass during next week’s Naruto 585 episode!


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  1. trolol

    Well one thing’s for sure, you certainly KILLED the english language with this post. Seriously, learn some grammar, who even writes “he’s” (he is) instead of “his”. There’s a huge difference between the two, get it fucking right! What are you, 8 years old?


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