Sarada meets Sasuke! Naruto Protects – Boruto 20

Boruto 20 see’s Sarada hearing about Naruto’s meeting with Sasuke, to which he follows and wants to meet her father. Chocho joins her as they’re both attacked by Shin Uchiha who seems to be working with someone much higher. Naruto appears and protects both using Kurama’s chakra, Shin disappears. Sasuke’s see’s a girl with Sharingan eyes and thinks she’s an enemy when she is none other than her daughter. Also Sarada activates her Sharingan.

Boruto 20 seems to be following its manga counterpart quite well. In fact, it seems to be progressing quite well. The whole episode from my perspective was quite good. I really like Sarada’s determination to find Sasuke and how it drove her to put her own life on the line just to meet him.

And on top of all of that, her own father was unable to recognise her when she was looking to finally meet him. It’s as though she was betrayed by her own flesh and blood. While on the other hand, we see Naruto comfort and make sure that both Sarada and Chocho are okay when they’re with him.

Naruto meets Shin Uchiha who shows that he has potential in terms of fighting skills, and you must have guessed that Naruto has some idea that there is some sort of big bad guy controlling Shin and maybe even more enemies after this.

Neverthless, the highlight of this episode was the end when we see Sasuke meet who he thinks is another enemy, but rather is his own daughter. From his point of view, I can see why he would do so, but from Sarada’s view, we see some sort of traumatic part of her life where her own father didn’t even recognise her, which I’m sure she won’t forget for a while.

Still, it was a pretty good episode, so I’d like to ask what you guys think about it as we wait for more episodes that will see Boruto 21, titled “Sasuke and Sarada” seems like it might be a pretty good episode. Still, what are your thoughts, go ahead and comment down below.

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  1. nectarinia

    Haven’t been watching Boruto since Sumire arc ending, and I don’t have much time since I’ve busy with college… if I have free time I’ll watching Sarada Arc only for Chouchou the best girl in New Generation… I like her so much in Naruto Gaiden! I don’t get why people hate Chouchou, yes she is kinda annoying and just a comic relief but if it’s not her I won’t continue reading the whole SasuSakuSara angsty fanfic in 10 chapters…

    Yet I felt sorry to Sarada because Sasuke “almost” forgot that he has a daughter :<

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