Acnologia Destroyed! Natsu Returns – Fairy Tail 544

Fairy Tail 544 sees the return of Natsu along with the other dragon slayers back to the real world after defeating and killing Acnologia. Natsu collects all the dragon slayers abilities into one large attack which he uses against Acnologia while everyone outside the ravines are linked and their powers are all collected to empower the Fairy Sphere.

Fairy Tail 544 begins with Natsu as he gathers the powers of all the dragon slayers, Natsu and Acnologia are ready to strike one another. While outside, Acnologia lands on the ship, a shield is made but it doesn’t seem to be strong enough. Meredy appears as she seems to have linked everyone which has allowed them all to transfer their powers to power the Sphere.

Acnologia cannot move just when the powers of everyone empowers Fairy Sphere which then completely finishes transforming. Acnologia gets angry as he just wants to destroy everything. Acnologia just wants to bathe in the blood of dragons. Somehow, Acnologia gets a feeling from his other form which allows Natsu to attack using his most powerful attack, it allows Natsu to create a large fire arm which he clutches.

Acnologia gets a feeling from when Igneel took his arm, Acnologia turns around and looks upon the attack of Natsu which blasts Acnologia out of nowhere. We see Acnologia’s feelings as he just wants more destruction, this is when Natsu tells Acnologia not be greedy and that all he requires are nothing but his friends. Acnologia begins to disappear as his body shatter.

Acnologia calls Natsu the King, but Natsu doesn’t accept it. The Acnologia within the Fairy Sphere also begins to disappear, they all know that Natsu and the others have won, which may have caused Acnologia to disappear. Everyone celebrate as the dragon slayers appear, at the same time, they mention that they can finally go back to the guild. Fairy Tail 544 ends here.

A predictable ending to the show, with very few deaths or major injuries from the side of Fairy Tail, nevertheless it’s nice that this series is coming to an end, can finally chill without this manga as Fairy Tail 545, titled “Irreplaceable Friends” will be the final chapter containing 48-page alongside a cover page and colour pages.

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