Sumire Returns! Momoshiki and Kinshiki – Boruto 15

Boruto 15 see’s the return of Sumire into her classroom after taking some time off, it seems like some people know about her background and what she did, although Boruto and others think that she is their class friend and representative, thus she belongs with them, even Boruto talks to Naruto about this. All while, Kinshiki and Momoshiki find Kaguya’s world and prepare to get there.

Boruto 15 seems to be building up to something good, and we got a hint of that in this episode. Sumire is back in the class after a couple of weeks off from the guys and girls she previously met. Furthermore, it seems like Naruto and others also did good by Sumire in giving her a second chance here.

The three-man cells that we will get at the end of all of this will be Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. However, at the moment, we get to see a lot of choosing from everyone and testing what the best three-man cell will be. Compared the the days of Naruto, this choosing and trying out is definitely so much different, and the exams that Boruto and everyone faces will most likely be a lot different compared to the tasks and what Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura faced.

A lot of what I liked about this episode was what had happened at the end, we clearly saw both Momoshiki and Kinshiki in a different world with lots and lots of trees bearing their fruits. It seems like we might also learn about the past and clan of the Otsutsuki here. Seems like we’ve got a story that happened in the movie, but might get a much longer series soon.

The outer music video for the episode also showed an arc which we saw with Sarada, Chocho, Naruto and Sasuke. Seems like they’re planning a lot for us to watch, can’t wait. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this? Go ahead and comment down below as we fair for the next Boruto 16, titled “Crisis: The Threat of Failing”, should be good.

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  1. naomiblog

    It was great that everyone accepted Sumire. I’m glad this arc is over, it was a bit boring at first but the last few episodes were great. Can’t wait for Naruto Gaiden though 😀


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