Marriage That Never Was – Ichigo and Rukia

For a lot of Bleach fans, they saw the future and end of the series with both Ichigo and Orihime, however some wanted Ichigo and Rukia to end up together because of the fact that they went on a number of journeys and spent a lot of time together. Some of which included a lot of the first few arcs as well as when Ichigo was given his power once more within the Fullbringer arc.

Both Rukia and Ichigo are dressed up for their wedding day in the fantastic image above. If you like this, be sure to check out Venice-kun who absolutely love seeing these two together. Otherwise be sure to share this with other fans of Bleach as well as Rukia and Ichigo.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I used to think Ichigo and Rukia were going to get married way back when I first watched Bleach. Even when we already knew Orihime and Renji had romantic feelings for Ichigo and Rukia. Its only until Kubo specifically said that Ichigo and Rukia do not have romantic feelings for each other. Which was fine for me. I really admire their amazing friendship. I remember when Ichigo lost his powers and Rukia was disappearing from his sight, I actually cried from that scene. Rukia is by far Ichigo’s closest friend. She’s the reason he got his Shinigami powers and how he became part of the world known as Bleach. Its why I love that Ichigo and Rukia were on the cover of the final volume, when it’s only ever been one character on a volume cover of Bleach. I also love their character poems in the final volume cover. “Even if we do not have form, we do not stop moving forward.”


  2. nectarinia

    Hmm I didn’t follow Bleach series, but as Naruto fans, can I ask something?

    was people believe Ichigo x Rukia ending like how people believe… um… Naruto x Sakura ending? Or it’s something different? I know Ichigo and Rukia had some chemistry (based from some episodes I watched in the past), like Naruto and Sakura did, but I believe Naruto and Sakura just “brother-and-sister” thing since they’re teammates…
    (I think Lee and Sakura would make a good pair too, Lee in Chuunin Exam arc interested to Sakura, and he is really REALLY a good guy when protecting Sakura! In 4th Shinobi War Arc, he still had interest to Sakura. I wonder why Sakura still choose Sasuke coughthebadguycough, Sasuke is cool indeed, but Lee is a better guy for Sakura although his appearance not as cool as Sasuke..
    I think people forgot how Lee is a better guy for Sakura *sobs*)

    Are IchiRuki fans still mad because of this ending, like NaruSaku fans did?

    Sorry if my questions kinda annoyed you..


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      As a Naruto fan myself, I will answer your question.

      Ichigo and Rukia do have chemistry, but Kubo have hints that they don’t have romantic feelings for each other pretty early in the series.

      Naruto and Sakura are different. Naruto had such a big crush on Sakura, and he really wanted her affection. Unlike Ichigo, who never had romantic feelings for Rukia to begin with, Naruto did for Sakura. But he also wrote Hinata to have feelings for Naruto.

      As far as I can tell, Kishimoto had a choice between having Naruto be with either Sakura or Hinata. So he decided to pick Hinata. Now I personally don’t mind this, however, I have a problem with how Kishimoto justified Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.

      I am personally not a big fan of movie that that’s basically Naruto x Hinata. I don’t like the movie’s reason for having Naruto go after Sakura when they were younger. The movie basically said that he only liked Sakura because he thought of her as a “prize” because of her feelings and his rivalry for Sasuke. It makes Naruto seems like a selfish person for thinking of Sakura that way. Naruto definitely didn’t think of Sakura that way before this movie. I really wish they came up with a better excuse for Naruto’s feelings for Sakura changing.

      Now something I dislike more than Naruto’s selfish motivations for liking Sakura is Sakura’s choice for a husband. What completely destroys her character for me is that Sakura ends up with Sasuke. Seriously? Why? I don’t mind her forgiving him, but her having a child with him just turns her into the obsessive little girl liking him. Hell, Lee was always there for her, she should have been with him. And Sasuke? He either shouldn’t have had a child or just had one with Karin, who actually understands Sasuke better than Sakura or Naruto ever would.

      In short, no, Ichigo x Rukia isn’t the same as Naruto x Sakura. Because one author made it clear that one character liked the other, while the other author didn’t make it clear that either character liked one another.


      1. nectarinia

        I understand that Naruto really wanted Sakura’s affection, but if you remember Naruto still 13 back then, it just childish crush. Same goes with Hinata, who had childish crush to Naruto.

        Kishimoto also states he is not good at making love stories, so… yeah. Some endgame pairing feels wrong for me.

        The Last? Ooh yess even as Naruto x Hinata fan, I hate the movie with a burning passion! The movie itself is not just wrong in Naruto’s reason for liking Sakura, but also the movie’s logic is just RANDOM BS! Seriously, fighting on moon!? The entire movie is SO wrong! It’d be better if the movie was never existed so we as fans can conclude about “Naruto’s feeling” it in fanfics, fanarts, theories, or anything BUT THIS MOVIE
        (oh I’m the only NaruHina fan who don’t like the movie, I think)

        Lee is a good guy, seriously! Why Sakura wasted the potential being with a good guy? If I become Sakura, I’d like to forgive Sasuke but choosing Lee as a husband! Sasuke, well as you said, he can be forever alone or ends up with Karin (Hebi/Taka was a good team before Sasuke tried to kill Karin)

        In the end, I think Ichigo and Rukia just “platonic”… but I understand why IchiRuki fans mad about this :/

        Anyway, Thank you for your answers!

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        1. nickdunnaquatic

          Very good point. Like I said, i don’t mind Naruto x Hinata, in fact I actually like the ship. I just don’t like that freaking movie or the sloppy writing for Naruto’s feelings for Sakura. They could have easily just said he started seeing differently.

          Platonic is the best way to describe Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship. My only problem with Ichigo ending up with Orihime and Renji ending up with Rukia is that it could have been developed more. Like having Ichigo and Rukia see Orihime and Renji differently after the timeskip.

          No problem! I really enjoyed this discussion with you. 🙂

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