Dragon Slayers vs Acnologia! Anna & Ichiya – Fairy Tail 540

Fairy Tail 540 see’s Natsu as well as the other Dragon Slayers all join the ravines of time where Acnologia has entrapped them within crystals which seems to make Acnologia stable in the world that he’s in. We learn from Anna and Ichiya who reappear that Acnologia has been split into two beings, one that exists in the physical world and the other within the ravines of time.

Fairy Tail 540 begins as Natsu realises the person in front of him is none other then Acnologia. We see that everyone above them have been trapped in some sort of crystal. All the dragon slayers have been trapped. He mentions that he’s been able to devour the ravines of time that he can now use time-space magic, and as such he can surpass time and space itself.

He shall exterminate every last dragon slayer and become the last dragon. Elsewhere, Erza notices that Acnologia is going towards Magnolia. Out of nowhere, Ichiya and Anna appear from another crack and fall in water. Anna mentions that their situation seems to have changed, when Acnologia devoured the ravines of time, he lost the ability to control it.

He was unable to control his power, Acnologia’s body and soul have been split. While his physical form is running rampant, his soul is still dwelling within the ravines of time as he tries to maintain harmony. She mentions that both of them were unneeded so were expelled into the real world, Acnologia requires Dragon Slayers as h intends to circulate their magic through the ravines of time in order to stabilise his own magic power.

Natsu’s body begins to grow crystal in an attempt to also lock down Natsu from Acnologia. The others do not know how to save them, they can only believe in their strength. Out of nowhere, Mest appears and takes them back to main land. All while Natsu struggles as he’s unable to use his powers.

Erza meets with Happy, Lucy and Gray who are told by Erza that Natsu is alive! The rest of the guild also shows up, even Makarov who Erza is very glad to see. The others begin to speak the name of their own dragon slayers who are all trapped. This in turn helps as Natsu’s right arm is able to fire off a large amount of flame.

This is due to Wendy’s Sky Magic which helps, she mentions that she thought she heard Carla’s voice. The others mention the same as they heard voices of people closest to them. All the dragon slayers band together as they’re ready to fight against Acnologia! Acnologia is ready to show who’s boss as he’s ready to teach all of them a lesson. Fairy Tail 540 ends here.

A pretty good hype chapter for the battle between Acnologia vs Dragon Slayers, this will definitely be good if Hiro Mashima is able to draw the fights with all the skills and abilities, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 541, titled “Magic of Hope” which to me sounds like another plot guard chapter.

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  1. HQ Fitness and Motivation

    I love Fairy Tail, but Mashima’s gotta stop with the b.s. Like c’mon every time some major character ‘almost’ dies they come back a few chapters later. And I love Natsu, but I wish he had more character development.

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