Shadow’s Mastermind! Ghost Beast – Boruto 11

Boruto 11 is a little hard to title largely because there isn’t one main thing that happens, rather a few things that add to the story. Boruto see’s a hurt Sumire, then goes back to his post office role, to which every position and route they take is known by the enemy, thus they come up with a plan which entraps the enemy in the building. They fight them while Mitsuki is the only one to keep up, seems like he could have an idea of who it could be.

I’m going to do a little different for this episode and just generally share my thoughts about this episode and what I thought about it from start to finish. So the beast is getting closer and closer as we see that the image is near completion, maybe the next or the one after next episode will see the introduction of this shadow beast.

The enemy which we see use the shadow to manipulate others seems like a foundation member, which might relate back to Sai as he also mentioned this in the episode. Sakura turned out to be a doctor, which is awesome. The relationship between Naruto and Boruto seems to be difficult but Naruto seems to trust Shino in that Boruto is quickly growing up and that he should trust him for now.

I kind off think that Sumire Kakei, the class rep, doesn’t have parents, or maybe doesn’t have that parent-children relationship which makes her look out the window. Furthermore, just guessing, but maybe she could be the foundation member seen here, someone who is spreading the demon shadow thing.

Nevertheless, the episode seems to be going quite well, the demon is getting closer while more stuff is still revealed. Nevertheless, it seems like Naruto being the only one to see the monster could prove troublesome for others. Next week’s Boruto 12, titled “Boruto and Mitsuki” might show some more of the monster, or even what Boruto might be facing really soon!

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