Lonely Saitama! Finding Enemies – One Punch Man 76

One Punch Man 76 see’s the loneliness behind Saitama’s eyes as he moves from place to place to find someone to fight, but sees no one apart from enemies and allies that have been defeated already. On top of which we notice that Puri-puri Prisoner is fighting the Free Hugger who is squeezed into oblivion.

One Punch Man 76 begins with Puri-puri Prisoner against a demon-level monster who has spikes around him with a Free Hug sign. Puri-puri Prisoner’s body is already stinging and it seems that he can’t fight. He faces Free Hugger, some people see that he’s facing him, they try and shout to tell him to use his iron ball to kick the demon but he cannot hear them.

Puri-puri Prisoner shouts mentioning that he’s there because of them, he is feeling the support and shall give them a kiss when he wins. It seems that they can’t seem to communicate to one another. Puri-puri Prisoner realises that he can beat Free Hugger by showing it some love, he turns into an angel, opens his arms and uses his angel hug to crush Free Hugger.

Everyone notices that he’s won but find it weird how he won. Out of nowhere, a buzz starts emitting from Puri-puri Prisoner’s butt, he picks up his phone and someone tells him that all his honies from the prison have been kidnapped. Some time alter, Saitama passes and notices a dead Free Hugger.

He comments that there have been a lot of monsters around, he finds C-Class Hero Water Gun, on the ground defeated as he mentions that the enemies have been gone from there for about 30 minutes. They were really strong, he cannot for reinforcements but nobody came. Saitama thinks about how they showed up but they don’t know what they’re after.

He thinks that he can’t believe that he let such a major incident fly right under his radar. He walks around thinking about how he can even call himself a true hero after whats happened, he looked for the Hero Hunter but that hasn’t happened, he wants to be called a hero. But at the moment he thinks about his own thoughts of what he’s been doing.

He hasn’t been doing any of this for people around him, as long as he’s satisfied with himself, nothing else mattered. But he’s currently not satisfied with himself, he gets the feeling that he’s forgetting something important, like the reason why he firstly become a hero. He was initially interested in becoming a hero, but when he joined the Hero Association, he’s felt nothing but boredom.

However, everyone he’s fought, all the guy with the best martial arts in the world, he didn’t a feel a thing. He feels frustrated because he can’t seem to fine any satisfaction in any of his fights. Saitama mentions that he hasn’t gained a thing. One Punch Man 76 ends here.

A very good chapter that seems to be building up to the next couple of chapters which shall see Saitama see full satisfaction against someone really strong, and I really want to see what’ll happen in the next One Punch Man chapter.

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      1. dreager1

        I dunno man, Saitama hasn’t gone against any foe who could smash a solar system yet. Goku was breaking the universe just by trading punches with Lord Beerus and that was before he obtained Super Saiyan Blue. We’ve seen that Saitama can blow up Moons and he could probably do the same to a planet, but a universe? I think he’s outgunned!


        1. Sunite

          Hmmm I guess we’ve just begun to see the hero/human side of Saitama while Goku has gone to space and trained with aliens etc.
          At the moment, if the most up to date versions of their characters go 1v1, I think it’d be a close fight, but still, we’ve not seen Saitama yet take a hit which actually managed to injure him, so I guess that it would be hard to decide… Maybe Goku? Maybe Saitama?…

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