Shino and Kiba’s Gift! Future Dreams – Naruto Shippuden 498

Naruto Shippuden 498 see’s Shino, Kiba and Akamaru as they try to figure out what the best present is to give Hinata and Naruto. They find out that during such occasions, people from the Senju Clan would give something known as honey wine which is given on special occasions. On top of this, we see Shino look to his own future in doubt about what he’d like to do and what will happen to Team 8.

Naruto Shippuden 498 begins as Shino and Kiba need to get round to finding  gift too. Shino encounters three children whose teacher is Iruka. Shino shows them different tricks using his own bugs. All while he proves that bugs are also kinda cool. One of them also mentions that he’d like to become a Hokage, and surpass even Naruto.

Shino tries to boost his courage and confidence by doing this. Shino and Kiba meet up as they discuss the gift they need to get for Hinata and Naruto. Seems like its their last mission as Team 8. Anything after that will be different as she might not have the time to go on missions with them anymore.

They go to Kurenai and Mirai’s place where she tells them that the Senju clan used to give honey wine as  gift, to which it gives them an idea of what to potentially get. They’re fired up and ready to go see it. Team 8’s final missions takes place when they first encounter a ninja cat, seems like she’s no help at all. Momo’s owner, Tamaki shows up, to which Kiba is quickly embarrassed and likes her.

She leads them to the place where they can get the honey wine, to which a man awaits them covered in bees. Kiba and Akamaru go on ahead, while Shino goes at his own pace. Shino gets trapped in the Bee man’s trap as his nearly poisoned, but escapes the trick. The bee man see’s that he cannot go up against him, and only asks for Honey Wine.

He tries to get out but there are no ways out, it seems that this bee man has captured Shino is this trap of scents and bee’s. He challenges him by adding more doubt to Shino’s future and what his past was. Kiba was able to get through because he has a clear understanding of what he wants to do. But Shino doubts himself.

Shino realises that what he needs to do and quickly disables the trap by thinking about what is best for him and his future, he stops doubting himself. Shino gets out and gives the honey wine to Kiba. After wards, he meets the children again, talks to them for a little while when Iruka mentions that he’s good with kids, maybe he should become a teacher. Naruto Shippuden 498 ends here.

One of those mediocre episode where not a lot of interesting things happened. Seems like we’ve got 11 more days till the wedding. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 499, titled “The Whereabouts of the Secret Mission”, see’s more of the wedding stuff as Hinata joins in here too.

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