Hinata and Naruto’s Wedding – Naruto Shippuden 494 & 495

Naruto Shippuden 494 and 495 begins the long arc that is Hinata and Naruto’s wedding. It’s an hour special episode with some interesting and funny business coming from both episodes. We focus on Iruka as he tries to records a message for Naruto and Hinata, while the second episode focuses on Rock Lee and his trouble when it comes to finding a gift for them.

Naruto Shippuden 494 and 495 are both interesting episodes, I want to focus less on the episodes and explain some of the things that happened, instead of just fully focusing on the episode. So it all begins with Iruka as he has a hard time recording a message for Naruto and Hinata as it seems that he may have some unresolved feelings as he doesn’t know what to mention.

He goes through one of the kids where he somewhat thinks that he is a lot of like Naruto but not on his level as he is not as good at pranks as Naruto. On top of this, Iruka is faced by a challenge when he’s asked to take an exam to become a Vice-Principal. He goes through a lot of this in the second episode.

But a lot of the second episode focuses around Rock Lee and Tenten as all the shinobi are asked by Kakashi to bring in gifts for the wedding which shall go through a screening process which shall determine if they shall go to the wedding or not. From time to time throughout the episode, Rock Lee is faced by Neji’s ghost as well as some words of wisdom by Guy and Iruka, after all of that this was definitely a wacky and strange episode. Naruto Shippuden 494 and 495 ends here.

Well, what can I say, both episodes are decent enough to talk about, not sure how exciting they were. Although they were quite funny for a silly filler episode. Nevertheless, there are around 28 more days till Naruto and Hinata’s Wedding. Naruto Shippuden 496, titled “Steam and Food Pills” focuses on Sakura and Ino, should be good.

What do you think?

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