Gray’s Lost Iced Shell! Acnologia Appears – Fairy Tail 522 & 523

Fairy Tail 522 & 523 delivers two chapters this week as we follow Gray’s moment with Zeref as he enables his Lost Iced Shell to stop Zeref by giving up his life. All while Natsu stops him and vouches to destroy Zeref by changing his own destiny. All while August fights Gildarts, he even gets cut up into small pieces but manages to stop it and fights Gildarts using his own abilities. All while Acnologia appears in Fiore at Erza’s location.

Fairy Tail this week features two chapters, Fairy Tail 522 and Fairy tail 523, since they are quite long, I’ll try to bullet point them as seen below:

  • Zeref knows who Gray is, he also describes how he knows his background alongside other people’s background such as Lucy, Happy, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, he has done this to know all the major persons involved.
  • Gray asks what Zeref is after, to which Zeref mentions that he is after Mavis’ magic, this is so that he can defeat Acnologia, he asks if he shall  help him with this task. In truth, Acnologia will also fall. His ambition doesn’t stop with something so small
  • We move to Gildarts vs August. Gildarts is able to attack but misses all of his attack, although they both seem to be quite fast and reactive. Gildarts uses his Crash abilities against August but he is capable of mending himself back together.
  • August disperses and appears at Gildarts where he attacks. He mentions that it is impossible for him to defeat him. Out of nowhere, Cana appears with her explosive cards, she mentions that making something impossible become possible is what Gildarts does best.
  • Gildarts tells Cana to get away from where, all while August realises that they are father and daughter. At the Fairy Tail HQ, we see Gray learn the truth, he has been told Zeref’s plan no one knows of it as of yet. He describes that Mavis’s Fairy Heart posses powers that can do wondrous things.
  • Zeref tells Gray because Natsu is already on his way, and by the time he gets there, Zeref will have killed Gray. This will be his last chance to fight Natsu at a serious state, he will be the tool to help Natsu unleash his full power.
  • Gray explains that he wanted to place the blame of his parents and teachers death of END, but when he found out that it was truly Natsu, he couldn’t do it because Natsu is his friend. Gray realizes that his best option is to defeat Zeref here and now. Zeref mentions if he dies, so will Natsu.
  • Gray mentions that there are other ways to defeat Zeref without killing him. Gray crosses his arms and and calls out Iced Shell. Zeref realises that he’s in trouble. It also sacrifices his life in order for it to work. Gray realises that his life isn’t his own, thus he shall use his lost attribute in order to turn it into a Lost Iced Shell. Fairy Tail 522 ends here.
  • Fairy Tail 523 begins as Gray uses his Lost Iced Shell which increases the power of the technique by several hundred times. In return, Gray’s existence will be erased from this world. He is doing this so that nobody will cry over him.
  • Zeref begins to freeze as Gray calls this his end. He will look him up for as long as he can in order to bring back peace and for Fairy Tail to win. Gray begins to collapse as he see’s Ur floating above him, she mentions that it’s not his time yet.
  • Out of nowhere, Natsu shows up and stops Gray from continuing this technique any longer. The Lost Iced Shell technique disperses quickly as Natsu gets angry and sad as Gray doesn’t understand how Natsu feel, they are both friends who shall always be next to each other. Natsu tells him to never think about dying.
  • Gray mentions that if they kill Zeref, then Natsu will also die. Natsu gets up and mentions that he won’t die so easily. He shall light destiny on fire and change his future. Zeref also throws his coat away as he gets ready to battle Natsu.
  • Zeref too has accepted his cursed fate because it is the only option he had left. Elsewhere, we see Erza and Wendy, both talk about Makarov and what he did. At the same time, something approaches the sky, it lands and it’s revealed to be Acnologia! He mentions that he’s fed up with this world, all while August realises that their time has run out. Fairy Tail 523 ends here.

A pretty good two chapter special this week, it also seems like Natsu will battle against Zeref in some sort of crazy battle. All while August is unaffected by Gildarts and his attacks. Acnologia approaches which will definitely mean trouble is coming in next week’s Fairy Tail 524, titled “Black Future.”

There are 7 comments

  1. dreager1

    Well, I guess Gray didn’t put up much of a fight as expected. Hopefully the Acnologia hype coming up will make up for that. I’d like to see Zeref and Natsu team up to try and take him down, only to be defeated anyway of course


      1. dreager1

        You don’t think the power of friendship would redeem him? Even Erza’s Mom turned good in the end and Gildart’s opponent is starting to signs of humanity. I think it’s only a matter of time before Zeref turns good


        1. Sunite

          All the evil Zeref has been through, I really hope that he doesn’t turn good because it makes the story easier to write. I always found that FT takes the easy way out on many of it’s story, recently with Erza’s mom, Eileen as she just decided to suicide on a while…


  2. random ZimGuy

    I’d appreciate it if this arc moved slower taking time to build more tension rather the having a double chapter which sole purpose was to hype the next. Not painfully slow but just enough.


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