Details On Upcoming 2 Bleach Novels

The second and third Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine reveals some information and details on the novels by Makoto Matsubara and Ryohgo Narita, who are writing for Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga.

the-death-save-the-strawberry-bleachMatsubara is writing for Bleach with the title “WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU”, the novel shall centre around Rukia and Renji’s wedding ceremony which shall take place within Soul Society. The novel will ship on the 27th of December. Matsubara had also written Bleach: The Death Save The Strawberry novel, which is shown in the image, this was released in 2012.

Narita’s novel will concentrate on Shuhei Hisagi, the story see’s Hisagi throwing himself into a new fight as the mystery that is Kaname Tosen somehow resurfaces. The story also reveals lots of detail about the four noel families, the Soul King, Arrancar and the Fullbringers. This will be released next year (2017). Narita previously wrote two Bleach novels, Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You which was released in 2012.

With that said, I personally can’t wait to see what they offer, I’m sure more and more detail will be released to hype the novels as a lot of important information will be revealed.

So what do you think? Be sure to comment down below if you are hyped for them, be sure to also share this with other fans.

Source: ANN

There are 4 comments

    1. Sunite

      Unfortunately no 😦 it seems like they’re the one race to be left out at the moment, maybe we’ll get another novel just for them, maybe Uryu’s story since we haven’t got a lot from him.


  1. dreager1

    I’m definitely hyped for these novels. Thanks to Winter break I finally have time to read some more anime based novels and they’re definitely a lot of fun. It’ll be cool to see what world building elements these novels add to the table.


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