Sasuke Investigates! Orochimaru’s Help – Naruto Shippuden 485

Naruto Shippuden 485 sees the continuation of Sasuke’s story as we encounter more details on the enemy, we see that Sasuke goes on to find out everything he can by going to Orochimaru’s hideout, this is where he meets Yamato while also going to a secret island where he has to fight against the enemy who will soon show himself.

Naruto Shippuden 485 begins as Sasuke sends back a message back to Kakashi, the other two follow Sasuke as they also know that he is from the Uchiha clan, he thinks that they are not involved in any of this but they mention that the girl who died was killed. Sasuke allows them to follow him for a while.

Sasuke is shocked when he finds out that the girl is much older then him, that is the reason why she calls him dear. Sasuke finds out that her real age is much more then he had guessed. He members times from his past when he was with Itachi. Chino and others have some food, but Sasuke tells them that he is looking to find Fuushin and stop him.

Night approaches when Yamato appears, they both meet when Sasuke mentions that he’s looking for Orochimaru, it seems that Yamato has been keeping an eye on him, to which Sasuke has already discussed with Kakashi about this, and is doing this for the Leaf. They walk on and meet up with Orochimaru, who begins helping Sasuke.

He tells him of En Oyashiro is known as a arms trader, he can be difficult to find. Orochimaru goes to find out some stuff, but Karin appears when her and Chino begin to have a few problems here and there all because she’s a girl. Orochimaru appears and takes away Sasuke to a private island.

They go on to find En Oyashiro who might be in the island, they go on as the others stay behind, they discuss the fact that with Sasuke having the Rinnegan, everyone will be gunning for him, so him staying outside the village will cause less trouble. Yamato follows Sasuke and others on the boat.

Orochimaru talks about Kabuto and how he is a much less threat to turn to evil after all that had happened. Orochimaru seems to be safe at the moment as mentioned by Sasuke, to which they might be a bigger plan to keep them as is for future things. Orochimaru get to the coliseum to which they begin the first match.

Later on, we see that Sasuke has been set a match for the main event, it seems like Sasuke will be forced to fight here to bring En Oyashiro out to fight and show his face. Out of nowhere, someone falls and begins the stages of blowing up. Naruto Shippuden 485 ends here.

Seems like it’s turning out to be a bit of a predictable episode/story, seems like Sasuke will have to use his Sharingan in order to battle against En Oyashiro here. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 486 titled “Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 3: Fuushin” seems more of Fuushin as well as other things such as the Hell Valley.

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