Fullbringers Arrive! Tensa Zangetsu Repaired – Bleach 681

Bleach 481 see’s how destructive power Yhwach has as even Renji cannot stop him, this leads onto Tsukishima and Ginjo from the Fullbringers, Tsukishima is able to change the past, and thus so allowing Orihime to heal Tensa Zangetsu to it’s primary form. All while Jugram converses with Ishida to tell him that he must be quick to go to save his friends.

Bleach 681 begins as Renji tries to stop Yhwach from moving, but is enable to as his Shikai is torn apart from each of the fibres that holds it together. Yhwach doesn’t even bother looking back for him. At the same time, we see Jugram fall to the ground, all while Uryu looks at him, he begins to ask if he thinks he has been betrayed.

Rather, it’s the opposite for him as he takes pride in the fact that Yhwach took his power and not Uryu’s, which in turn allows him to assist Yhwach in his plans. Uryu gets up and begins to walk, but Jugram tells him to wait as he mentions for him to transfer all his wounds onto Jugram. He is about to die, so whether he’s wounded or not doesn’t matter.

Uryu is confused, Uryu asks that they were about to kill each other a minute ago, why would he do such a thing he asks. Jugram mentions that he himself put everything on the scales, if he was to not put everything on the line as to weighing his decisions and consequences, then he would regret everything. Therefore, he must go ahead and save his friends.

Uryu transfers all the damage done to him, Jugram slowly dies here as he briefly thinks about Uryu and that even if doesn’t help or change a thing, making decisions on what you believe is worth something, there is something to be said for not having even one regret. Jugram dies within these moments.

Rukia learns of Yhwach’s abilities as she is by Orihime’s side, she tells her that he can rewrite the future. Orihime tried to repair Tensa Zangetsu, but she couldn’t heal it. It means that she won’t be able to undo everything that was done upon it. Now he won’t be able to fight anymore. Renji pulls him up in an effort to get his ass up.

He mentions that they don’t have the luxury to stick around, and that they need to go after him. Rukia mentions that charging without a plan is reckless in itself. Ichigo begins to lose hope as he’s powerless at this point. This is when a sword sticks right through him as we see Tsukishima standing there.

He along with Ginjo explain that they have a debt to him that needs repaying. Tsukishima uses his abilities to rewrite the past, he is able to reject Yhwach in that Tensa Zangetsu cannot be healed, and thus allows Orihime to heal Tensa Zangetsu, in mere moments, we see that Tensa Zangetsu hasn’t been broken, and that Orihime’s healing aided in that.

Ichigo is shocked, and that Tsukishima now mentions that it seems like his debt has been repaid, seems like they’re all square now. Ichigo holds the sword, even with all his injuries, he agrees with the debt and that he’s once again ready to fight against Yhwach. But how will it go this time? Bleach 681 ends here.

A pretty amazing chapter, I think someone already predicted that the Fullbringers would show up in an effort to help save Ichigo and his Tensa Zangetsu. Seem’s like they were correct. And with Ichigo raring to go, I’m sure that Yhwach will have hell to pay in next week’s Bleach 682, which I honestly can’t wait for.

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  1. Christopher Waters

    I don’t even care Ichigo got his powers back honestly there is no reason why he would do any better against Yhwach then he did 2 chapters ago. Getting the powers back is not a power boost nothing has changed Yhwach still far outclasses Ichigo. Maybe if Yhwach got weaker by absorbing Ichigo’s power since it did seem rather pointless for him to have done that. If Bleach is really over in 5-6 weeks then the only ending that is going to make any sense at all will be Yhwach wining.


  2. wahrheit Emmanuel

    it’s been long since I’ve made a comment… lemme begin by saying that Kubo had no other way to kill juha Bach but to make him fight ichigo again….now its going to be ichigo and uryu/soul society/everybody ‘s yhwach


  3. trinin ninja

    This chapter almost made me sick to my stomach. Honestly, all that talk of friendship and merit from Jugram literally made me cringe. Then we get to finally see the fullbringers return only to “fix” Ichigo’s bankai (which was bullsh*t). It seems Kubo really has given up on his finest work. He know longer cares about anything making at least a little sense. The only thing Kubo wants is to finish writing Bleach. (I could be wrong though. Maybe Kubo can redeem this chapter next week because we only have a few weeks left. But then again maybe next week I will win a million dollars…)

    P.S. I get the feeling that Kubo is going to reveal a ton of secrets AFTER the manga is over.


  4. nickdunnaquatic

    This chapter felt rushed, but it also felt like Kubo hasn’t changed that much. The chapter length is the same and he wasted his time having Renji attack Yhwach even though Bleach is ending in 4 chapters. While I’m disappointed about Uryu and Jugram’s fight, I do like how it ended. It seems Jugram does feel bad for abandoning Bazz-B and he never foot that. I like seeing Tsukishima and Ginjou again. If Bleach really is ending in 4 chapters, then this is what I think Kubo should do. He should leave a “to be continued.” At the end of final chapter and continue Bleach at another company that’s not Shonen because the are making him rush Bleach. Or he ends Bleach and reveals all of what he wanted to show in the final arc in an interview or data books.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I liked out the battle between Uryu vs Ishida but there was something missing, like for example, if Jugram is about to die, and Uryu is injured. Antithesis swaps them, does that mean that Uryu will die and Jugram is injured. If this is true, then Uryu doesn’t have long to live, even if he’s not injured. I think if Bleach was to end with a to be continue, it would be another “Aizen defeated” moment, where the show takes an hiatus, but there is more to draw or talk about. It’s one of those things where it would upset a lot of the readers and fans.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        You would think so, but the difference is, Jugram is dying from Auswählen. Uryu is immune to Auswählen, so if he used The Antithesis to switch his injures with Jugram’s, he would be fine. I respectfully disagree about Bleach ending in a to be continued. This time is different. Kubo clearly wanted to show more in this arc, but Shonen isn’t letting him. So why not just continue Bleach in another company that will let him reveal what he wants to? The end of the Arrancar Arc wasn’t even the end of Bleach. Kubo had so much more to reveal and he did, which was the Fullbringer Arc and 1000 Year Blood War Arc. The fact that Bleach is ending in 4 chapters is far more of a dissapointment to fans than leaving Bleach as a to be continued. This is just my personal opinion of course.


  5. Ultimate Coordinator

    We better get Aizen & Gotei 13 within the next 2 chapters, Ichigo’s group & Fullbringers better not defeat Yhwach. Hopefully we get an extended series to BLEACH once its over. Besides Shonen Jump, who can Tite Kubo & BLEACH go to to actually finish the series properly and at its own pace regardless of chapter numbers.


  6. Christopher Waters

    We can’t blame Kubo for this you can tell this is not what he wanted to do. I like the fact that Renji attacked Yhwach. It fits his character to do so even if he knows he can’t win he had to at least try to stop him. If Yhwach is not stopped then the world as they know it ends so he had nothing to lose by trying. I really really REALLY hope that the whole Aizen part was not drooped b/c he did not have time to do what he wanted and what about Lille Barro? Did the Auswählen kill him also meaning all those weird ass birds are now dead? Or did Lille already lose his powers when he got his “Halo” taken away? I’m starting to think all of Bleach is going to be ruined by Kubo being forced to quickly end it


    1. trinin ninja

      I completely agree. I feel as is Kubo is being pressured to finish Bleach as quick as possible, even if it is painful.


  7. trinin ninja

    I just realized that Tsukishima stabbed Ichigo himself. Maybe he altered the past so that Ichigo did not lose his powers. Also if Tsukishima altered the past so that Ichigo’s bankai was not broken, then how is it that Orihime restored it? If it isn’t broken, then you can’t restore it!!! And another thing, I think Ichibei will show up really soon considering he took some of Ichigo’s powers…


  8. trinin ninja

    I have a theory: I think Yhwach will use some of the unknown letters that we don’t know about. Like “N” and “K”. Also in this chapter I noticed how Yhwach used a technique which many people say was holy selection but I see that it looks mighty similar to Quige’s Sklavereitechnique. I also predict that Yhwach’s final battle will involve him using the powers he stole from the sternritter instead of his own “Almighty” ability.


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