Ashura’s Journey! Ninshu Successor – Naruto Shippuden 467

Naruto Shippuden 467 see’s Ashura’s journey to help the village our, it seems like he has spent a year with the village in order to help them resolve the issue they have. By providing a way to get water, teaching them Ninshu as well as to help Kanna’s mother. Indra finished his job in the village relatively quickly using his Sharingan to persuade them.

Naruto Shippuden 467 begins as Ashura can feel the Divine Tree and it’s power, he quickly understands that it provides the land with nourishment, but the food it produces is usually poisonous and has been causing people to get sick. Ashura tells the village elder about it, but he doesn’t understand what he can do, it provides it’s land with all it needs.

If they were to get rid of it, it would kill them, and thus the villages would not agree to it. They tried to dig for water years ago, but that did not work. Ashura tries to talk to the villages but he just gets rocks thrown on him as he seems to be someone from the Ninshu village who caused ravage to the work.

Gamamaru and Hagoromo talk about their mission, to which Gamamaru wants to go on and see how they are doing, but Hagoromo tells him not to interfere. We see that Indra has used his Sharingan to reach a conclusion for them, seems like he’s using it for his own sake. We see that Ashura comes up with his own way, he thinks of a way to get water, to resolve the problem by digging a whole.

Indra gets back to the village, seems like he has finished his mission. Kanna goes to see what Ashura is doing, to which he’s trying to dig a big enough whole to get to water, he’s using his chakra to do so. Indra meets with Hagoromo, to which they agree to wait for Ashura to make the decision. Indra goes to meet with Zetsu later that night, to which he gets into Indra’s head that Hagoromo doesn’t see his future.

A whole year later, we see Ashura return with a few people behind him. They meet up, seems like Gamamaru was watching him from afar. Ashura apologizes for taking such a long time with his thing, seems like it’s Ashura’s turn to tell his story. He tells them that he’s been trying to dig a whole. Kanna gets the whole village to help, as well as to request for them to learn Ninshu.

Ashura helps them out the best he can. He helps them learn about healing abilities as well as fire, water and so on. One day, Ashura hears water beneath, thus he uses his chakra to carve the Earth beneath him where water begins to come out. They also save Kanna’s mother, they burn the Divine Tree bit and thus stop using its power as they have a water source they can rely on. It’s Hagoromo’s turn to name the successor of Ninshu, he is about to say when Naruto Shippuden 467 ends.

Pretty good episode, seems like it’s a clear answer to who it might be that will take over, which will be Ashura. Seems like next week’s Naruto Shippuden 468, titled “The Successor”, will see Indra go crazy in how after finding out who will take over, goes nuts after being influenced by Zetsu, seems like it’ll be another good episode.

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  1. Raikage

    I thought it was said that Minato invented the Rasengan. Judging from the jutsu Ashura used I think that’s a Rasengan, and also theres this resemblance between Kenna and Hinata!

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