Chuunin Exams! Boruto’s Abilities – Boruto 3

Boruto 3 see’s the Chunin exams begin as most villages join in with their own candidates. Seeing Boruto along with his teammates take the first and second parts of the Chunin exams as others behind the scene try to see if Boruto uses technology or depends upon his own skills. Seem’s like Boruto has already cheated by using the technology developed by the village.

Baruto 3 is quite an interesting chapter, here is it’s summary:

  • Gaara and Kankuro along with Team Shinki (Shinki, Araya and Yodo) as they head to the Chunin exams which are held in the Leaf Village.
  • We see Metal Lee who is training, he’s nervous thus trains. We see Boruto and Sasuke train as Sasuke helps him land some shuriken on target. He tells him to curve his Shuriken, but he finds it hard, and is told to use his own brain.
  • At home, he thinks if he should use the technology given to him by the scientist, he is definitely tempted. The next day, the exams begin.
  • The exams begin with a true and false question, they are asked the question where they must decide, but no one has any idea to the type of answer. Everyone chooses an answer but the answer gives both answers to be false.
  • The floor beneath them falls through as they falls down into a put full of ink. Some survive but most do not even make it at all. Boruto relies on the gadget given to him, but he doesn’t have it.
  • He is about to give up when Mitsuki and Sadara helps him out. Seems like for the rest of the day, Boruto is disappointed with his performance.
  • Naruto learns of Boruto’s pass, he can’t congratulate him at that point but sends him an email, which makes him happy, but at the same time he doesn’t feel like he’s doing enough.
  • Sasuke and Boruto are training, Boruto isn’t able to produce results, thus blames it on Sarada that she is the shuriken specialist.
  • Sasuke proves a point that Boruto is wrong, he thus creates shadow clones to show him that Shadow Clones are Naruto’s specialty as he can creates thousands of them.
  • Therefore, it doesn’t matter if Sasuke or Naruto can create them. Boruto thus tries to do his best here.
  • During the Chunin exams, it’s a capture the flag game where they must obtain the opponent’s flag. Many others obtain the opponents flags and go through to the next round.
  • Boruto creates his clones where he asks for Mitsuki and Sarada to go and get the flag. Boruto is faced by three triplets, who all individually produces clones of himself. Now it’s a 9 v 5.
  • Boruto begins to take a lot of damage as each clone gets taken out.
  • As their opponents are about to take the flag, Boruto cheats and uses the technology given to him by the scientist. Boruto is quickly able to unleash Water Style Bullet King Lapis Flower then unleash Lightning Style Bullet! Violent Breath!
  • Boruto tells the others that he’s been able to get rid of the opponents, Sarada uses his Sharingan to find the real flag. Seem’s like the scientists have been keeping an eye on Boruto and his use of their technology.

And that ends the third chapter of Boruto. Seem’s like he’s already begun cheating in these exams, which I guess won’t stop soon. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next time’s Boruto 4, which will be good, hoping to see more chuunin fights too.

What do you think?

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