Fairy Tail 493 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 493 has dropped, and it’s magnificent, we see so many things happen, and it’s all currently shocking as there seems to be another mysterious person with very little context to who they actually are. Nevertheless, like always if you want to know, keep reading, otherwise stop as spoilers are ahead!

Fairy Tail 493 is fantastic. There currently isn’t an order of events for the chapter that we’ll see here. But it’s somewhat easy to guess what happens with some of the images we have here.

So Fairy Tail 493 most likely begins with Mirajane trying to fight against Eileen, but she is quickly overcome by the intense abilities Eileen posses and thus gets beaten down pretty hard after using her Alegria abilities to fight Eileen Squad in the previous chapter.

Eileen ties Mirajane down, Mirajane knows that this might be close to the end of her life. August along with Brandish appear to Eileen. Mirajane realises that the two individuals, as well as Brandish, are immensely stronger compared to anyone she has ever come across.

Within mere moments, we see August use his ability as he points towards Mirajane and releases a beam of light piercing Mirajane in her torso, the chains holding her come off as she falls to the ground, she bleeds.

There is no clear context to where this happens, but we see another member of the Alvarez Kingdom’s Spriggan 12, his name is Larcade (Rakheid) Dragneel, to which is referred to as the White Dragneel. Fairy Tail 493 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, although there are some minor contextual things missing, it seems like it’s going to be a dope chapter. Furthermore, Fairy Tail 494 will be titled “The Hill That Leads Up To Tomorrow.” It’ll be another good chapter, I’m guessing. Images provided by YonkouProductions and Axiomus.

So what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think? I can’t wait for more context on this chapter, especially what’ll happen to Mirajane.

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