The End – Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki has faced many challenges, he’s been able to overcome most using his will power as well as his despair. However, with the arrival of Yhwach (Juha Baha), Ichigo faces a God! He’s never been able to land an effective blow as Yhwach’s abilities and powers extends to everyone with Quincy abilities. And now with Soul King’s powers, he can do as he pleases. How will a Ichigo who is currently near death recover and affect the outcome all worlds face?

The End Ichigo Kurosaki by Sideburn004

With Ichigo’s current situation, he’s at death’s door, being a Shinigami, he will most likely die if he takes another critical hit. And with Rukia and Renji there, I’m sure they’ll be there to help him out. With the number of Bleach chapters left, I don’t think Ichigo will have a large enough impact on Yhwach’s actions, something big has to happen, and soon!

Anyways, this fantastic artwork was drawn by Sideburn004, whose work has been featured here countless times before. They are a clear and unique blend of manga style which clearly gives the correct message, as seen here. If you like what you see, check them out, otherwise be sure to share this page with others who will like the artwork.

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